Covid Crusher 2.0 Recap

The 2021 SEER series presented by Pandora’s started with a record participant number of 180 (!) in our first round. This is almost a 100% increase from the debut race in 2020.

The Covid Crusher 2.0 was held at the Hollytree Offroad Center in Alabama. The race was a blast, despite cold conditions and super slick trails.

SEER Racer Angel Osorio Having Fun!

‘Sometimes it’s pretty humorous to see what off-road motorcycle racers consider fun, but this rider was sure having plenty of it at SEER’s Covid Crusher 2.0 Extreme Enduro.’

Cycle News – Issue 7, 16 February 2021

Who Came To Race?

Riders traveled 15+ hours to North Alabama, coming from as far as Vermont, Massachusetts, and Texas. After a winter break, 180 hard enduro enthusiasts were eager to either race Gold, Silver, Bronze or the new Iron class. The Bronze riders made up largest class with 80 registered participants.

How Was The Weather?

The weather forecast leading up to the race weekend was kind of dim. Lots of rain and cool temperatures were predicted. Luckily the race day presented itself as dry, which made the cool temps in the low 30s bearable. Lining up at the start, racers were still chilly, but this quickly changed once the race started ;o)

What Was The Course Format?

Starting at 10:00 a.m. and finishing at 1:00 p.m., the Covid Crusher 2.0 was a three-hour hard enduro with multiple checks. The racers had 180 minutes to complete as many laps, or reach as many check points, as possible. There were 3 scoring checks along the course, and each of them also marked a course split. Gold/ Silver class stayed on the main course and Bronze/ Iron continued on scaled down sections.

What Did The Course Look Like?

The SEER team created a tough 8 mile course on rugged terrain, which almost doubled the distance from the previous year’s Covid Crusher. Hollytree Offroad is famous for its rocky creek beds, which were very slick and quickly became a challenge for even the most talented rider. The ground was very soggy from all the rain leading up to the race, and the ruts got very deep in many spots.

Was The Course Spectator Friendly?

Yes, this course was! Right from the start, very close to the pits, the action started. Within the first minute the Gold/ Silver riders got to ‘Nico’s Valley’, a brutal rocky uphill creek bed.

Nico’s Valley

The Bronze/ Iron riders had a short demanding section, the ‘Bronze/ Iron Challenge’.

Half-way through the lap the Gold/ Silver racers were challenged with ‘Meltdown Mountain’. This was one of the most difficult sections of the race, a steep uphill made of mud-covered rocks. Outside assistance was not allowed, but half-way through the race, participants started to give each other a hand to make it up the hill.  

Meltdown Mountain

On the other side of the parking area, easily within walking distance, was the third section ideal for spectators: ‘Copperhead Creek’, a steep rocky creek bed.

Copperhead Creek

How Far Did The Racers Make It?

The overall winners Ryder LeBlond and Quinn Wentzel were the only two riders to make three laps. Nick Fahringer was just a few minutes short to complete his third lap. 

Overall Winner Ryder LeBlond

45% of the field completed one full lap within the three hour race time.

Scoring Tent/ Check 2 at the Bottom of Copperhead Creek

Of all racers, 75% made it to check 1, on top of Meltdown Mountain.

Who Were The Winners?

The OA and Gold class winner was 19 year-old Ryder LeBlond, with Quinn Wentzel in 2nd, and 2020 champ Nick Fahringer in 3rd.

The Overall Podium

The Silver class was won by Nathan Taylor, followed by Greg Nolf and Jeffrey Hagewood.

The Bronze class podium was filled by Michael Barrett on the top, Cody Bollinger in 2nd and Ethan Burkhart in 3rd.

The winners of SEER’s inaugural Iron class are Tim Johnson in first, Eli Hamou in second, and Matt Harris in third.

View all official race results HERE

Media Coverage of the Covid Crusher 2.0

Official Race Pictures Patsy Davis

Official Race Pictures Larry Mayo

enduro21 – 15 February 2021 | Videos

Cycle News Magazine 2021 Issue 7 – 16 February 2021 | Link

Thank You and See You At Round #2

Thank you very much for racing with us! Time to get ready for SEER’s hard enduro round #2, the Bootlegger Extreme on March 27 in Tennessee.

Photo Courtesy of Patsy Davis and Troy Roberts

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