SEER Round #3 – Nightmare Extreme

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The Nightmare Extreme


Date: Saturday, May 28, 2022 – 6:00 pm CST

Course Format: 4h-Race Time at night – you will need lights! Multiple-lap course.

Location: Trial Training Center in Sequatchie, Tennessee


Hard core riding in the dark, 4h-race time. Bring bright lights to conquer tough sections at our NEW night location, the famous Trials Training Center in TN!


For Overall Winners: 1st $500, 2nd $300, 3rd $175, 4th $125, 5th $100. Gold and Silver classes share same race line. Bronze and Iron have scaled down sections.


Sign up for our darkest race of 2022! Continue with the Nightmare at the TTC and come back for round four, the Brushy Mountain Beatdown!

DETAILS – The Nightmare Extreme

Date: Saturday, May 28, 2022 – 6:00 pm CST

Address: Trial Training Center TTC, 300 Woodland Road, Sequatchie, TN 37374 DIRECTIONS

Here are detailed instructions to the TTC, including pictures – Directions PDF

Pro-Payouts: $1,200


Cost: $ 80.00/ rider

Online Registration closes: Saturday, May 28, 2022 11:59 am (CST)

Confirmed Participants: Confirmation list on Webscorer

Race Day Registration: Saturday May 28, 2022 from 3-4:30 pm CST at the SEER check-in, on race site at the TTC.

Age Limit: Riders must be 16 years of age to participate.

Gate Fee: $ 20/ person, kids 10 under are free

Withdrawing of Registration: If you feel you do not have the ability to do this event we will give you a credit for a future SEER race.

Nightmare Extreme Hard Enduro


Course Format: Nightrace, 4h-Race Time, LeMan Start, multiple-lap course. Start at dusk, finish in the dark. Gold and Silver classes share the same race line. Bronze and Iron class have scaled down sections.

Course Marking: Follow the red/ white SRT arrows and yellow/ black SRT tape. There are also extra signs for Gold/ Silver and Bronze/ Iron splits.

Classes: Gold, Silver 16-34y, Silver 35+y, Bronze 16-34y, Bronze 35+y, Iron.

Lights: Yes, you will need good working lights! Ideal are headlights AND helmet lights.

Task Racing: Our sponsor Task Racing offers a discount code for all light products. Use SEER220928 at checkout.

Race Day

Race Day Check-In: Please pick up your start number on Saturday 5/28/2022 between 3-4:30 pm at the SEER check-in. Please position the sticker on the front plate.

SEER Start Numbers

Start Order: Riders line up in the following rows: Gold, Silver 16-34, Silver 35+, Bronze 16-34, Bronze 35+, Iron.

Pits: We recommend to bring extra gas and store it in the pits area. The pits will be marked with signs.

Gate Fee: $ 20/ person, kids 10 under are free


SEER Shop Hours: Open from 3:00-5:30 pm on race day.

SEER Merchandise

Shop Location: The shop is right next to the SEER Check-in. You can purchase SEER tees ($20), SEER hats ($20) and SEER beanies ($20) in various colors! Please bring cash.


Spectators: Several very easily accessible sections right from the parking lot

Spectator Map: Coming soon

Gate Fee: $ 20/ person, kids 10 under are free

Camping: RV sites, cabins and primitive camping are available. Contact TTC for availability and to make a reservation. Phone (423) 942-8688

Trial Training Center Website

Let’s race together.

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