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SRT SEER Extreme Hard Enduro Racing Series 2020

We offer 8 unique dirt bike races including 2 GPS competitions. Ready for a challenge? Register for our next race!

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2020 Season

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THE GRIZZLY RUN – February 15, 2020. 3-5 Mile Lap, Extreme Hare Scramble. Winchester, TN.


THE GROUNDHOG – March 15, 2020. 5 Mile Lap, Extreme Hare Scramble. Young Harris, GA.

THE SPRING CHICKEN – April 25, 2020. 5-7 Mile Lap. Extreme Hare scramble. Gardendale, AL.


THE SASQUATCH EXTREME GPS – June 20, 2020. +35 Miles. Extreme GPS guided event. Winchester, TN.

BATTLE OF THE GOATS – Aug. 1/2, 2020. 5-15 Mile lap. Extreme hare scrambles. Brushy Mt, NC.

SADDLEBACK EXTREME – Sept. 5, 2020. 10-15 Mile lap. Extreme hare scrambles. Bedford, KY.

THE NITE SQUATCH – Sept. 19, 2020. 35 Mile GPS guided loop at night. Winchester, TN.

THE CLIFFHANGER – October 17, 2020. 3-5 Mile lap. Extreme hare scrambles at night. Hollytree, AL.

SERIES AWARDS PARTY – Oct. 17/18, 2020. Series ending awards/ party after race, plan to stay up late! Hollytree, AL.

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Why You’ll Love To Race With Us

There has never been a bigger hype to race hard enduros. Extreme racing means it is going to be hard. We’re coming from a racing background and strive to provide challenging and fun races.

  • Technical riding
  • Great competition
  • Challenging sections
  • Awesome courses
  • Fun company

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