What Is SEER Racing?

South East Extreme Riders (SEER) is a group who is dedicated to pushing the evolvement of extreme dirt bike riding and racing in the South Eastern United States.

A hard enduro series from racers for racers!

SEER (South East Extreme Riders Association) Racing is a small team of hard enduro enthusiasts with a wide range of skills and experience riding and racing dirt-bikes. Each team member is very passionate about the sport. Together we spend our weekends dedicated to find the most epic and challenging hard enduro sections for our events

We also have special connections to Europe, since one of our team members is Austrian. We are taking part in an initiative to connect hard enduro riders internationally. As part of this, we send our 2021 SEER series champion to Red Bull Erzberg in 2022.

US Hard Enduro Races

Challenging, rocky, hilly, and scenic – this would be a good summary of our courses, with four skill levels and six classes to choose from for each race. The majority of our events are extreme hare scrambles that last between three to six hours. 

Our series tests the skills, stamina and determination of the most hard core enduro athletes. Race at night, navigate via GPS, or simply try to be the fastest to follow the arrows along the rugged trails.

SEER’s events are spread out across 5 states in the South-East US, and each one has its unique layout. We have a wide spread of participants, attracting racers from 20+ US states to a single event. They all have the desire to have lots of fun and to test themselves.

What People Say

SEER Cliffhanger at TTC. What an amazing course, probably my favorite extreme race yet.

Coco Bolo, Youtube

I enjoy my struggle at the SEER Covid Crusher in Hollytree, AL.

Team Step Brothers, Youtube

Thanks to the whole @seer_riders crew for promoting such a fun series of hard enduro events!

Nick Fahringer, IG

Let’s build something together.

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Follow us on Instagram @seer_riders

Photo Courtesy of Larry Mayo and Patsy Davis

The full length of this was originally published in October 2020 in Austrian’s motorcycle magazine ‘Motorradreporter’ LINK. The owner of the magazine is Mr. Hard Enduro, Karl Katoch in Europe, CEO and promoter of Redbull Erzberg.

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