2022 SEER Series Ranking

Final Standing After Round 5

Nick Fahringer’s outstanding performance secured his series win, followed by Drew Kirby and Greg Nolf.

The ranking includes the four best hard enduro results (out of five races).

2022 SEER Series Ranking

Top 30 racers of each of our six classes will collect points. Please be aware that class rankings and overall rankings (2 categories) differ due to the number of riders included.

There are two categories, and six classes within the categories:

-) Gold/ Silver (Overall) – 3 classes: Gold, Silver 16-34, Silver 35+

-) Bronze/ Iron – 3 classes: Bronze 16-34, Bronze 35+, Iron

Races will be added to the ranking once the results are finalized.

You do not need to sign up to be included in the series ranking. Read up on all details on the 2022 Rules & Regulation page.

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