Nutrition Tips – Fit For SEER?

A three-part series about bike and rider prep for the SEER series 2021. SEER team members share their experience and expertise.

Bike Tips – Episode 1 covered aspects around your hard enduro bike set-up. In Training Tips – Episode 2, we show you what kind of off-the-bike training can help you to finish stronger.

Hard Enduro Rider Jonny Walker

In today’s episode we question how proper sports nutrition around your races make a difference.

I have also learned that a good diet and plenty of rest is equally important. 

Pro Hard Enduro Rider Jonny Walker

How To Get Your Race Day Fueling Right

Proper race day fueling starts with a good diet ahead of your race. Developing healthy eating habits takes time, and that’s why you ideally start today! Small changes can make a big difference in the long run.

But first things first, what should you actually eat on race day?

Should You Have A Race Day Breakfast?

Yes! The majority of our SEER races start at 10 am, which means that your breakfast will be a crucial part of your race day prep.

Find a healthy breakfast you like and what works for you, eg. some granola with an apple, a whole wheat toast with cream cheese, some peanut butter with a banana or simply some yogurt. Nothing too greasy since it might bother you during the race.

Eat a small amount of the breakfast of your choice every morning, not only on race day. If you usually skip breakfast, this will ensure your stomach gets used to having some food in the morning!

Bowl of porridge with fruits. Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Don’t forget to drink at least 2 cups of water with your breakfast, which will help you to stay hydrated.

Do I Need Anything During A SEER Race?

Yes, both something to drink and eat. Any hard riding for longer than 90 minutes is more easily done when your body gets some fueling.

We strongly recommend the use of a hydration system. Remember, most of our races are around three hours, and ideally you drink a minimum of 16 ounces of water each hour.

Hard Enduro Riders With Hydration Packs

If you are a heavy sweater and the race is on a hot day (later in the season), you will need 24-32 ounces per hour. But you have to train yourself to be able to drink that much, it takes time to adjust.

What food you pack in your bag is a personal preference – most riders like bars, gels, or chews. Bring at least two packages of your choice so you have options.

Kate’s Real Food Bars

If you are looking for bar, try the one’s from our new series sponsor, Kate’s Real Food. ‘We are committed to making real, great-tasting food to fuel your every adventure.‘ – which sounds pretty fitting for SEER!

Come to our first race, the Covid Crusher 2.0, and don’t forget to pick up a sample with your race number!

Kate’s Real Food Bars


  • Eat breakfast before the race.
  • Try out your breakfast before race day.
  • Bring a drink backpack for race day.
  • Put bars, gels, or chews in your hydration pack.

If this is your first hard enduro, pace yourself wisely and plan stops every 45-60 minutes to eat/ drink rather than ride non-stop until you fall off your bike :o)

Good luck for the race!

Written by SEER team member Lisi Bratcher, Certified Coach/ Sports Nutritionist and Exercise Scientist.

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