GPS Navigation – Part 3

Get Ready for The Sasquatch Extreme GPS on 6/20/2020

How can the tracklog feature help me during the race? How much time do I have to finish the race? How far do I have to be at 3 pm to make sure I can finish?

These and other questions will be answered in our third and final Q/A session with the SEER race directors. We interviewed them prior to the Sasquatch Extreme GPS, which is round number 4 of the SRT/SEER Hard Enduro Series of 2020.

How to load the tracks on your device – Part 1

How to practice and set up your device for racing – Part 2

Continue with info regarding checkpoints and rider’s responsibilities.

8) How do I get back on track after I realized I rode in the wrong direction?

Come to a stopping point, zoom out to where you can see the course. Then retrace your tracklog option, which should lead you back to the race track. Once you are back on the course, set your appropriate zoom level and continue on the trails.

9) Are there any checkpoints? Do they have time limits?

We have 4 checkpoints along the 40 mile course. Each checkpoint has a cutoff time limit. No rider is allowed to continue the race in case the specific time limit is reached.

For example, checkpoint number 3 , ‘Turkey Creek’, is at mile 22. If you arrive after 3 pm, you will not have enough time to finish the 15 remaining miles in the last hour of the race (4 pm is the 8 hour cut-off).

The race officials will let you know on each checkpoint if the cut-off time is reached. We are very strict with the time cutoffs to keep every rider safe.

The checkpoints are also the recommended place to finish the race early in case you are not capable to continue. The easy out track will guide you to your way back to the start area.

10) How will you decide if racers stayed on track?

It is the competitor’s responsibility to make sure that their GPS records during the race.

If competitors abandon the race day due to mechanical, injuries or any other reason they must check-in at the finish (or at one of the checkpoints) to ensure every rider’s safety.

The race directors will let you know if your device is selected to an inspection.

Both SEER race directors got to race Red Bull Romaniacs in Europe, which is a GPS guided extreme hard enduro multiple-day event. They had so much fun that they decided to bring this special race experience to the USA!

This might be your first time in this type of race format, but we promise you will not be alone. We will do our best to make sure you don’t get lost ;o)

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