GPS Navigation – Part 1

Preview of The Sasquatch Extreme GPS Hard Enduro 6/20/2020

The Sasquatch Extreme GPS is a Hard Enduro that takes competitors through the most extreme terrain the CMRA riding area in Tennessee has to offer. Guided by GPS navigation, competitors have 8 hours to attempt the completion of the epic 40 miles (~ 60 km) course.

Are you wondering how to navigate a GPS guided Hard Enduro?

This race is unique within the South-East, since there are not many other GPS hard enduro races offered on the continent.

Gary Barr and Derek Bratcher, SEER’s owners and race directors are busy finishing the tracks for round #4 of their SRT-SEER Hard Enduro series.

We asked them for an interview including 10 questions how to prep for the race. Read part 1 today, and we will continue with part 2 and 3 next week!

1. Which GPS device would you recommend for this race? How about using my phone? How large does the screen have to be?

There is no ‘one-fits-all’ answer, since it is an individual preference.

Personally, the SEER team uses the Garmin brand since it is extremely rugged. After many hours of operation in hard conditions they are holding up well.

We strongly recommend to stay away from touch screen models. If the screen becomes wet or dirty, and you try to clean the screen you can lose your track.

A phone might not be waterproof, has limited battery life and the larger screens can easily break.

For people with visibility issues, a larger screen can be read more easily.’

2. How do I get a track on my GPS? How do I stay on track?

Open the email we sent you with the tracks. There will be your race day track (eg. bronze.gpx) and the easy out routes (ez.gpx).

Download the tracks to your computer.

Connect the device to the computer using a USB cable.

Drag/ copy the GPX file from the computer into the folder labeled GPX on your device.

Unplug the USB cable, turn on your device and go into the track manager. There you should see the tracks you just imported.

On race day, you will repeat the last step (find the race day track) and enable it.

A little arrow is you, and in order to navigate using the GPS, you need to keep your arrow on the line (the track).

Stay tuned for part 2 which is going to cover Q/A regarding zoom settings and how to practice navigating without having to get on your dirtbike.

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