SRT-SEER Hard Enduro Series

10/10/2020. This article was originally published in an Austrian online motorcycle magazine LINK. The owner of the magazine is Mr. Hard Enduro, Karl Katoch in Europe, CEO and promoter of Redbull Erzberg.

Fun, rocky, hilly, and scenic courses with three classes for all races. The majority of our events are extreme hare scrambles that last between three to six hours. 

Our series tests the skills, stamina and determination of the most hard core extreme enduro athletes.

The races are spread out across 5 states in the South-East US.

Who Is SEER?

South East Extreme Riders (SEER) is a group who is dedicated to pushing the evolvement of Extreme Dirt Bike riding and racing in the South Eastern United States.

SEER Racing is a small team of hard enduro enthusiasts with a wide range of skills and experience riding and racing dirt-bikes. Well, one of them is actually me, Austrian and former European Enduro Champion, multiple Red Bull Romaniacs finisher and Red Bull Erzberg participant. I am surrounded by a passionate team, which spends their weekends scouting out new trails and challenging hard enduro sections.

What Are We Doing?

Two of the SEER owners got to race in Europe, and fell in love with hard enduro racing. They came up with a series of unique races for those who are willing to push the limits on two wheels! We want racers to experience challenging terrain, get epic views along the course, and collect memories with friends!

For the first time in 2020, a seven event series was created. Getting title sponsor SRT Offroad on board helped us to combine 3 established races with 4 new venues of our own.

What Is The Course Format?

The course length varies from 5-25 miles (8-40 km) but the focus is not so much on the mileage but rather how long the riders will be on their bike. Usually between 3-6 hours. 

Each race has its unique challenges eg. The Highway To Hell, Copperhead Creek or Nico’s Valley. We have events with enduro cross sections, LeMans starts, night racing and all of them combine steep hills, creekbeds and lots of rocks.

How Hard Are The Races?

Participants can choose from three class, Gold, Silver and Bronze, according to your physical fitness, riding technique ability and racing experience. Here is where they get to differ between having a chance to see the finish line or having to quit early.

Some of the races did not see many participants finish a lap. Our goal is that most racers can make it to one check point. We want it to be hard, but not impossible. But surely this depends on your personal fitness, strength of your mind and having the ability to endure pain ;o)

Why You’ll Love To Race With Us

There has never been a bigger hype to race hard enduros. We want to give American extreme riders the chance to compete against other riders over a series of competitive events. European riders were able to race this stuff for a while – now it is also possible on US soil. The race is on!

SEER is thriving to grow, based on what made other extreme enduro race promoters successful – from racers for racers – we strive to provide challenging and fun races.

Our next race on November 14th is the Cliffhanger at TTC, which is the same location as the famous Tennessee Knock-out Race.

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Written by Lisi Bratcher

Photo Courtesy of Larry Mayo and Patsy Davis

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