SEER Series Details 2021

Want to be part of the SEER racing community and support the series? Thank you for being a championship racer of 2021 and enjoying membership benefits.

The SEER series 2021 registration opened on December 19, 2020 and closed on May 14, 2021. Thank you for being part of our series!

Each of our six events offers something unique and challenging.

The combination is a series that will test the skills, stamina and determination of the most hard core extreme enduro enthusiasts.


We had 3 classes in our inaugural season, and added three new ones for 2021.

1. SEER’s new IRON Class is tailored towards novice hard enduro racers. You might have raced hare scrambles or other dirt bike races before, but want to give hard enduros a try.

2. SILVER Class with sub-classes based on your age on 1/1/2021: SILVER 16-34y and SILVER 35+

3. BRONZE Class with sub-classes based on your age on 1/1/2021: BRONZE 16-34y and BRONZE 35+


1 – GOLD

You are one of the top riders in your region, used to pro or semi-professional racing and all kinds of extremes. The trails are technically very challenging and require excellent stamina, strength and riding skills.

2 – SILVER 16-34y/ 3 – SILVER 35+y

You are a very skilled rider with lots of competitive experience. You want to compete against riders of the same level, but still ride the same trails as the Gold class.

Please choose between 16-34y or 35+y sub-classes when you sign up. Your age category is based on your age as of 1/1/2021.

4 – BRONZE 16-34y/ 5 – BRONZE 35+y

This class is for less experienced hard enduro racers. It is still challenging, but manageable since it is a little bit less intense than the Gold/ Silver trails. You will bypass the hardest Gold/ Silver sections.

Please choose between 16-34y or 35+y sub-classes when you sign up. Your age category is based on your age as of 1/1/2021.

6 – IRON

SEER’s new class of 2021 is perfect for novice hard enduro racers and those who want to give our races a try. You will be on the same course as the Bronze riders, but scored with similar participants.

How to pick the right class?

Select the right class, according to your

-) Physical fitness,

-) hard enduro riding technique ability, and

-) hard enduro racing experience.

This will make sure you are up against riders of the same level. It also might be the difference between reaching several checkpoints or having to quit early.

Series Registration 2021

Registration Benefits:

For $30, you are going to be one of our SEER 2021 points racers!


1) A cool SEER hat or beanie,

2) a championship ranking (and your chance for an awesome trophy!), and

3) being a supporter of our series!

Help us to grow the sport. Become a 2021 SEER series racer!

Rules for SEER SERIES Points

  1. One drop.
  2. We will be pulling points from the Saddleback race. They will have there own classes but you will be competing with your fellow class riders for the SEER points. Anyone not in the SEER points will be excluded when we assign points for those races.
  3. All competitors not in the SEER points will be excluded when tabulating points at the races SEER promotes. That means if you get beat by someone that is competing on a one day pass they will be excluded from the points calculations.
  4. Please select your class based on your skill level carefully. Once the series starts, you can’t switch series classes for scoring purposes. For example if you signed up for Silver points, your annual points ranking is based on your results in Silver, even if you choose to race the Bronze loop at one of the other races.   
SEER Hard Enduro Racing

Points schedule/ CLASSES

Series Ranking/ per class: Each finisher will get points. Points range from 25-1.

For each of our four classes (plus sub-classes) Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Iron.

1st=25  2nd=22  3rd=20  4th=18  5th=16  6th=15  7th=14  8th=13  9th=12  10th=11  11th=10  12th=9  13th=8  14th=7  15th=6  16th=5  17th=4  18th=3  19th=2  20th=1  

Points schedule/ CHAMPIONSHIP

Overall Championship: To be eligible for the overall ranking, you must either participate in the Gold or Silver class. Points range from 40-1.

1st=40  2nd=35  3rd=31  4th=28  5th=26  6th=25  7th=24  8th=23  9th=22  10th=21  11th=20  12th=19  13th=18  14th=17  15th=16  16th=15  17th=14  18th=13  19th=12  20th=11  21th=10  22nd=9  23rd=8  24th=7  25th=6  26th=5  27th=4  28th=3  29th=2  30th=1

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