SEER Race Calendar 2021

When, where, what’s the course like? Find details for each of our races.

Age Groups for Silver and Bronze: Choose between 16-34y or 35+y classes based on your age on 1/1/2021 when you sign up. More classes should increase your fun factor!

Round #1 – The Covid Crusher 2.0

February 13, 2021. 3h Race, Extreme Hare Scramble. Hollytree Offroad, AL. VIEW RESULTS

Round #2 – Bootlegger Extreme

NEW DATE: April 3, 2021. NEW COURSE at Sequatchie Cove Farm! 7 Mile Lap, Extreme Hare Scramble. Sequatchie, TN. VIEW RESULTS

Round #3 – The Nightmare

May 15, 2021. SEER’s epic night race! 7 Mile Lap, Extreme Hare Scramble. Hale Mountain, AL. VIEW RESULTS

Round #4 – River Monster GPS

June 19, 2021. NEW COURSE! SEER’s premium GPS race, 20-30 miles, 8h race time. Glyn Lyn, VA. VIEW RESULTS

Round #5 – Saddleback SBX

September 4, 2021. Extreme Hare Scramble, 3h race plus 1 lap. Bedford, KY. VIEW RESULTS

Round #6 – Cliffhanger at TTC

September 25, 2021. 10 Mile lap, Extreme Hare Scramble, 4h race. Sequatchie, TN. VIEW RESULTS

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