SEER Race Details 2021

Here are the rules and regulations which apply to our single events.

SEER Rules & Regulations


Each event will have their own unique features but they will have a lot of things in common which will be creek beds, hill climbs and rock gardens. Be sure that your bike and body are protected and ready for the challenge. The course length will vary from 5-20 miles but do not focus so much on the mileage but rather how long you will be on the bike. Count on 3-6 hours. We will be posting more info on each event as they are coming up so check our website for specifics on each race. We are partnering with some established events and we will link their info on our site but be sure to check with them on the specifics of their race.


At all events we will have a Gold/ Silver and Bronze/ Iron line. If you enter either one of these classes you will be challenged. Don’t take it lightly, have your bike and body prepared. The line for Bronze/ Iron riders will still be challenging but will by pass some of the more extreme obstacles. If this is your first extreme event, the Iron class is a good place to start.   

6 CLASSES – 2 NEW sub-classes

We had 3 classes in our inaugural season, and added three new ones for 2021:

1) SEER’s new IRON class is tailored towards novice hard enduro racers. You might have raced hare scrambles or other dirt bike races before, but want to give hard enduros a try.

2) SILVER Class with sub-classes based on your age on 1/1/2021: SILVER 16-34y and SILVER 35+

3) BRONZE Class with sub-classes based on your age on 1/1/2021: BRONZE 16-34y and BRONZE 35+

How to pick the right class?

Select the right class, according to your

-) Physical fitness,

-) hard enduro riding technique ability, and

-) hard enduro racing experience.

This will make sure you are up against riders of the same level. It also might be the difference between reaching several checkpoints or having to quit early.

1 – GOLD

You are one of the top riders in your region, used to pro or semi-professional racing and all kinds of extremes. The trails are technically very challenging and require excellent stamina, strength and riding skills.

2 – SILVER 16-34y/ 3 – SILVER 35+y

You are a very skilled rider with lots of competitive experience. You want to compete against riders of the same level, but still ride the same trails as the Gold class.

NEW: Our Silver class is divided by age: choose either 16-34y or 35+y when you sign up for a race. Your age group is based on your age on 1/1/2021.

4 – BRONZE 16-34y/ 5 – BRONZE 35+y

This class is for less experienced hard enduro racers. It is still is challenging, but manageable since it is a little bit less intense than the Gold/ Silver trails. You will bypass the hardest Gold/ Silver sections.

NEW: Our Bronze class is divided by age: choose either 16-34y or 35+y when you sign up for a race. Your age group is based on your age on 1/1/2021.

4 – IRON

SEER’s new class of 2021 is perfect for novice hard enduro racers and those who want to give our races a try. You will be on the same course as the Bronze riders, but scored with similar entry-level participants.


  1. All participants must wear helmets, boots and eye protection.
  2. No pit racing, idle up to the start.
  3. No minors on pit bikes, four wheelers or any other motorized vehicles. Parents please help us with this.
  4. Only enduro or motocross bikes are allowed in the scoring, no trial bikes. If you choose to race with a trial bike, you are allowed to register and ride on the course, but you will not be scored.
  5. Everyone that enters the event venue must sign in at the riding area, pay a gate fee and will receive a wrist band that must be worn at all times.
  6. Spectators are not allowed to be on the race course, alter any course markings or assist a rider unless its an emergency situation.
  7. Riders can assist other riders, outside assistance is not allowed.
  8. Cutting the course will result in a penalty or disqualification.
  9. If you leave the course you must re enter at the same location.
  10. Any aggressive behavior will not be tolerated this includes riders and spectators.
  11. If you quit the race you must notify score keeping.
  12. You can walk or ride a bicycle to preview the course.
  13. You must provide your own medical insurance. SEER LLC does not provide medical insurance. It is your responsibility. We do not recommend that you compete in our events without medical insurance.
  14. Please keep your pets on a leash.
  15. Please direct any issues to the race director not the score keepers or volunteers.     
  16. No riders under 16 allowed.  
  17. Riders must complete the course on the bike they started on.
  18. All bikes must have a working kill switch.
  19. All bikes must have silencers.
  20. The course markings represent the course, stay on the course. Deviating from the course could cause serious injuries.
  21. Race officials have the right to cancel an event in the event of bad weather such as tornado warnings or floods. Rain will generally not trigger a cancellation. If that happens it will be posted on our social media pages, on our web site and riders will receive an email, as soon as the decision is made. 

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