Recap Covid Crusher 3.0

SEER’s 2022 Hard Enduro Series started with Round 1, the Covid Crusher 3.0, on April 2 at the Hollytree Offroad Park in Alabama.

Video Highlights Covid Crusher


-) 4-hour multiple-lap hard enduro in North Alabama

-) 150 racers traveled from 22 US states to the race

-) 6-mile course with multiple checks and challenging sections like Nico’s Valley and Copperhead Creek

-) Ryder LeBlond won, followed by Nick Fahringer and Quinn Wentzel

Covid Crusher 3.0

What Did The Course Look Like?

The Hollytree Offroad Park in Alabama showed itself from its best side! The course offered a lot of grip, and the single track parts held up very well. It rained three days before the race, which helped to keep the course dust-free.

The racers had to conquer a 6-mile course spiked with gnarly sections. The race took place on the hills forming the Hollytree valley. Riders came back down to cross the valley twice each loop, which made it easy to follow for spectators.

Ryder LeBlond Gold Section

What Was The Race Format?

The race started at 10 am CST, with SEER’s traditional dead-engine start in rows by classes. In its third year, SEER’s track manager Derek Bratcher mixed up new single track sections, reversed trails, and included the already famous segments ‘Nico’s Valley’ and ‘Copperhead Creek’ which were extended. Both are creek beds with huge rock drops which need careful navigation.

SEER extended their race format from three hours to four hours race time. The extra hour pushed some riders to their maximum capacity, but most of them loved the extra possibility to make up places. Luckily the Bronze and Iron riders got a little ‘break’ when bypassing the hardest sections, while the Gold/ Silver racers found their ultimate contest on gnarly terrain.

Checkpoint Nico’s Valley

Who Came To Race?

Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Wisconsin – you name it! 150 racers from 22 states traveled to North Alabama, which is our new record. More than half of the field are returning hard enduro fans, they have suffered on SEER’s hand before, and are coming back for more 🙂 

Racer From Up North

How Was The Weather?

The weeks leading up to the race were dry, it only rained in the last days before the event. Race morning was a bit chilly, in the 30s, and some racers found a sheet of ice on their bike seats. By race start it had warmed up into the 50s. The sun did not come out until late into the race. The cloud cover kept the temperatures in the 60s, perfect for a day with some pushing and pulling on a bike!

Race Morning

Was The Course Spectator Friendly?

Hollytree Offroad Park offers a great base for a course with a clover like shape. All racers made it back to the pits twice during one lap. Nico’s Valley and Copperhead Creek were the most interesting spots to watch, both within a few minutes walking distance from the pits. The checkpoints were located in those sections. 


Who Were The Overall Winners?

2022 SEER champ Ryder LeBlond secured another spot at the top of the podium! SEER riders Nick Fahringer and Quinn Wentzel gave him a good challenge, finishing in 2nd and 3rd.

Overall Winners

Official Results

Thank You and See You At Round #2, the Groundhog Extreme at the Rockcrusher Farm in Georgia on April 30!

Photo Courtesy: Patsy Davis

Text: Lisi Bratcher

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  1. This is my second year attending seer races. Every person involved with seer is a top tier individual. I find myself counting the days until the next epic race. Hard enduro is a small community but also a tight knit one. Every rider’s opinion, gold to iron is taken into consideration. If you enjoy challenging terrain and some of the most beautiful scenery in our country, come join us. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

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