Light Up Your Ride!

Our next round is a night race – the Nightmare on Hale Mountain Extreme on October 10th. EVENT INFO

SEER’s trail boss Derek Bratcher recommends to use bright headlights AND powerful helmet lights to finish strong. It might also be a good idea to carry an extra headlamp. A back-up light is a good idea for any night ride.

Check out SEER’s race director Gary Barr pointers on what light set ups he has used over the years. No excuses he says!!

Test Your Equipment

To make sure everything is working properly, better start early and test your set up. You don’t have to ride at night to figure out if everything is staying in place and not falling off. Any riding time with your head- and helmet lights should point out which mount(s) might need a fix.

Dial In Your Set-Up

Once the lights are secured, they need to have the proper adjustment. This has to be done in the dark. Shoot for a distance of 10-15 feet out. Simply ride around in your backyard or driveway to make sure the lights are pointing where you want to go.

Most lights are set-up for faster riding. Since the overall riding pace will be slow, there is no point of shining that far ahead.

Stay tuned, we will post more detailled light-related videos in the next days!

Written by SEER team member Lisi Bratcher

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