Battle of Goats – Recap

SRT/ SEER’s fourth official race of 2020 is history! Many of our series riders came to participate in this 2 day event and enjoyed a challenging weekend.

2020 Official Results LINK

SEER’s Crew Scouting Out The Track

All riders who made it to North Carolina realized it was another excellent hard enduro race. Lots of gnarly and very technical sections required every ounce of stamina and strength out of each rider. After a downpour on Friday evening, the track was super slick in the morning and worn in for the afternoon qualifier on Saturday.

To qualify for the Sunday race, you had to complete 3 laps. This was later changed to 2 laps because very few riders could make 3 laps. The loops on Saturday were 4 miles.

Each lap started with an endurocross section and then headed into the woods. Chicken fight hill was by far the hardest part – a gigantic, steep, rocky hill.

Apple Podcast – Battle of Goats – Instant Recap! August 2, 2020 LINK

Sunday each rider got 6 hours to complete 2 laps. The loops of the main race where 17 miles long.

The current series overall leader Nick Fahringer extended his lead with a top 10 overall finish in the race. Place 2 in the SRT/SEER overall ranking goes now to Chuck DeLullo, followed by Quin Wentzel.

Dirtbike Magazine Article – 2020 Battle of the Goats Extreme Enduro Results LINK

Thanks to Tyler Mull and his crew at Brushy Mountain Motor-Sport Park for putting on an epic race!

Great job guys!

Cycle News Article: 2020 Battle Of The Goats Results – August 3, 2020 LINK

If you are ready for more extreme riding this season, the next SRT/ SEER race of 2020 is the Saddleback Xtreme Hard Enduro in Kentucky on September 5. Registration is open!

See you there!

Photo courtesy by Patsy Davis and P.J. Aguirre

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