SEER Video Chats

Host: Hunter WILLIAMS

Episode 3

10/20/2020. Catch up with us when host and SEER social media boss Hunter Williams lays out the details for the upcoming Ladies Skills Clinic on Saturday 10/24/2020. Drop In Guest: SEER team member Lisi Bratcher.

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SEER’s Hard Enduro party on the couch – get entertained, informed and motivated.

SEER’s Social Media Manager Hunter Williams is our host. As a passionate hard enduro rider & racer he is eager to share the latest SEER news and chat with our special guests. And you can follow along, right from your couch!


Episode 1

10/08/2020. Host Hunter Williams is releasing SEER’s new video chats! In this episode, he will walk you through the latest race info for The Nightmare at Hale Mountain Extreme on 10/10/2020. Special Guest: SEER Team member Timo Stark.

Episode 2

10/15/2020. SEER’s first night race of the season happened on October 10th at Hale Mountain: The Nightmare Extreme. Using a new trail, this event at dark challenged even the toughest racers. Learn how the winner of the competition raced to the top of the podium! Special Guest: Overall series winner Nick Fahringer!

Episode 3

10/20/2020. SEER invited and 31 (!) female hard enduro riders from 8 states responded – the Ladies Skills Clinic at Hollytree Offroad on 10/24 is going to be a lot of fun. Want to hear what happens at the training day? Don’t miss this episode! Special Guest: SEER Team member Lisi Bratcher

Episode 4

How did SEER’s first training day for females only go? How many female hard enduro fans showed up? Did they benefit from this day? What sections did they get to practice? Is there going to be a women’s class at the next SEER race? Hear first hand from our Special Guest: SEER Series Racer Ashlie Peterson.

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