Nick Fahringer SRT/ SEER Hard Enduro Champion 2020

With 6 wins in a row, Nick Fahringer was already crowned the champion before heading into SRT/ SEER’s final round #7, the Cliffhanger Extreme.

Overall Championship

Nick dominated all of the first 6 hard enduro races, no matter which format, duration, day or night! At the last round, the season finisher at the famous TKO location, he found a new challenger. His Sherco team mate Cody Webb showed up and proved a worthy contender.

Ohio-narrative Nick started in the lead, but took a tumble in the first extreme section, the Wash. In typical Nick fashion, he put his head down and worked his way back up to second right behind Cody.

Place 2 in the overall championship goes to another Sherco team rider, Quinn Wentzel. In 5 races he finished right behind Nick, providing dramatic battles on the track for the spectators to watch.

Another Ohio-based rider, Chuck DeLullo completes the Overall podium with his 3rd place. Chuck started a new racing team, called DRT, DeLullo Racing Team. He wants to grow the sport by bringing young, upcoming dirt bike riders with a background in either enduro cross or trials into the hard enduro racing scene. We can’t wait to see who the DeLullo Racing team is going to bring to the 2021 series!

Rank 4 and 5 of the overall season ranking go to Drew Dobbs and Drew Kirby. Both were really close within their results and finished the championship with the exact same number of points (144 pts). Since Drew Kirby raced to more top 10 finishes, he ends up in place 4, and Drew Dobbs places 5.

Gold Class

The top 3 of the Gold Class podium match exactly the top 3 Overall winners: Nick Fahringer, Quinn Wentzel and Chuck DeLullo.

Only place 4 and 5 are reversed, since the individual classes use a differently scaled points system compared to the Overall ranking. With a 1 point lead, Drew Dobbs finishes in 4th, and Drew Kirby in 5th.

Silver Class

The Silver class was dominated by Gavin Smith, who won with a 16 point lead. He will face a tough decision – is he going to make the jump to the Gold class for 2021? Or defend his title in Silver?

The second place in the Silver class goes to Michael Manuel. He was the true hero who finished the Cliffhanger Extreme without his seat! We were all impressed with his determination on his less than comfortable bike :o)

Behind Michael placed Brad Caraway in third. He was the top Silver points rider at the Cliffhanger Extreme. Jackson Davis and William Byrd complete the top 5 racers, but both of them opted to collect points in the Gold class for the final race.

Here is a comment about Jackson: For three races, he signed up for the Silver class. He won all three of them and quickly realized his true competitors are going to be in the Gold class. Jackson finished 13th in SEER’s overall ranking, without having competed in the first races of the series. We are all looking forward to watching him battle the Gold guys in 2021!

Bronze Class

Two riders dominated the Bronze class – Chris Evans and James Disney. Chris won all of the four races he competed in. James placed consistently in the top 3 and secured his overall win with a 30 points lead!

Both of them also raced the Cliffhanger Extreme, so we have a podium shot from the awards ceremony! For the Cliffhanger ranking the spots were reversed – Chris finished first, with respectably 2 laps and 3 checks. James ended one check behind him.

Jim Robert completed the series in 3rd, Ian Paige in 4th, and Braiden Rose in 5th. Ian Paige said he enjoyed the demanding, but doable Bronze loop of the Cliffhanger Extreme course. Not only did he complete 2 laps, he also ranked in 3rd, his best single-race series ranking in 2020.

Come Back 2021!

We saw lots of smiling faces throughout the series. It looks like everyone had a good time ;o)

Congrats to our top finishers, and all of our competitors.

The SEER team is already working hard to get the 2021 season lined up. You will see lots of improvements, like class changes, scoring upgrades, new race venues and maybe even something for the future champs on two-wheels.

We had participants from over 20 states coming to our races. Who knows what 2021 brings – will we see our first international competitor?

With the help of our new partners at Redbull Erzberg Rodeo and RideXpower, we think the chances are high!

See you in 2021!

Photo courtesy of Larry Mayo and Patsy Davis

Written by Lisi Bratcher

Cliffhanger Results

Find Your Race Results.

Here is your ranking based on your number of laps and checks completed.

Checkpoints 1-4

You had to pass checkpoints 1-4 before completing a full lap. Each competitors goal was to reach as many checks as possible within the 4 hour time limit. If you finished without completing a full lap, the last check you reached is your score.

Please disregard the results on webscorer. They are still working on cleaning up our results.

Did we miss you or got your results mixed up? Please contact us HERE

Cliffhanger Recap

SRT SEER’s Final Hard Enduro Round

What a day! Perfect weather, blue skies, and a leaf covered course full of steep climbs and tons of rocks awaited the 130 competitors from 17 states.

Top riders like Cody Webb, Nick Fahringer, Quinn Wentzel, Jordan Ashburn and Ryder LeBlond found their way to the Trials Training Center, the famous location of the Tennessee Knock-out race.

Everyone had raced the TKO and was surprised to find an all new hard enduro loop. Sections like ‘The Wash‘, ‘Easy Creek’, ‘Strange Hill’, and ‘Friends with Benefits‘ did not disappoint to challenge the riding skills and fitness of the racers. Having to conquer a gigantic landslide, uphill creekbeds, and an off-camber hill-climb/ rock garden provided something for everybody.

The competitors had four hours to complete as many loops as possible. Each 10 mile loop had 4 checks along the way. In case a rider did not make it to the finish line within the time limit, they got scored at their last check point.

The overall winner, Cody Webb almost finished 4 laps. Nick Fahringer, SEER’s so far undefeated series champion of 2020, was only a few minutes behind and finished in second overall. Jordan Ashburn completed the podium and impressed everybody with his ride on a KDX 200! Congrats to all winners, you made it look easy :o)

SEER put on a Ladies Skills Training two weeks ago and had 31 female participants. Three of those hard enduro enthusiasts came to race the Cliffhanger, and one almost finished a lap! Great job, Kristina Zmuda!

Additionally several of the ladies came to work and score the race. A big shout out to all volunteers who made this race happen!

After the race was over, the TTC campground quickly turned into a big post-season party. After three events in the rain, everybody was happy to hang out with their hard enduro family.

At the series awards ceremony, SEER announced the grand prize of the 2021 race series: A Redbull Erzbergrodeo race entry! The prize will not only include the entry to the prestigious hard enduro race in Austria, but also a free race bike rental provided by RideXpower and some travel money. Stay tuned to hear more about the details within the next days.

High stakes for the next season! Come back and race with us in 2021!

Photo courtesy of Larry Mayo and Patsy Davis

Written by Lisi Bratcher

Video Chat Episode 5

SEER team member Timo Stark joins SEER’s social media boss Hunter Williams on episode five of the SEER Video Chat series. 11/10/2020

This chat includes details of the upcoming SEER race “The Cliffhanger at TTC.” This race will be held on Saturday November 14th at the famous Trials Training Center.

The course is going to be epic! The SEER team put a lot of hard work into finding new and challenging sections nobody has ridden before.

Host and hard enduro racer Hunter runs you through a preview of the course. Timo shares his experience of pre-riding the segments and last-minute tips how to prepare yourself (and your bike).

Come have a blast with us this Saturday!

SEER Video Chat Episode 5

Video Chat Episode 4

Watch SEER racer Ashlie Peterson and SEER’s host and social media manager Hunter Williams recapping the events from our first Ladies Skills Clinic at Hollytree Offroad – 10/28/2020.

Ashlie was a huge contributor to let this day happen. She believes in networking between female riders and in providing a welcoming environment to grow the sport.

Together with Kristina Zmuda she did not mind to knock on potential sponsor’s doors and opened them up for us. The entire event was a huge team effort, and everybody was excited to see the participants having so much fun training and socializing at the same time!

Thanks Ashlie and Kristina for your time.

SEER will be back with a training day in 2021!

SEER Video Chat Episode 4

Recap Ladies Skills Clinic

How do you get female dirt bike enthusiasts to ride hard enduro? Put on a hard enduro skills clinic for women!

Together with SEER Series Racer Ashlie Peterson we spread the word and over 30 eagerly motivated riders showed up!

Experienced SEER hard enduro racers offered quality technique tips and provided a welcoming and safe environment to practice. And in case anybody fell, no worries. We had them covered. They simply got up and tried it again!

Tire Service

Thanks to sponsors Kenda and Shinko, the weekend started Friday evening with a tire changing service.

Many of the participants chose to try out one of the soft nobby tires. With the hand-on assistance of several helpers, the SEER team worked late into the night to take care of all riders. It turned into a relaxed joint tire-changing and socializing session ;o)


Those who didn’t already happen to be there on Friday showed up Saturday morning to meet the other participants.

Each rider got a HUGE goodie bag filled with stuff from SRT, Wooly’s, MotoVateRacing, KLIM, Task Racing, RevDesigns, 100%, BPD, Enduro Engineering and Fly Racing. A name tag with a letter made it easier to recognize each other’s name and their designated group.

Warm-Up Field Drills

After a short intro group session all riders started with field drills. Each small group made of 7-8 females practiced various basic drills like figure-8, lifting the front wheel, riding over small obstacles and proper body position.

The SEER instructors made sure everybody got their heart rate up and ready to take on the more advanced sections in the woods.

Station Rotation

The previous day the team laid out four different hard enduro sections – an easy and hard creek bed, an uphill loop, and a downhill loop.

Each group got multiple attempts to practice each segment, before rotating to the next one. Getting a variety of input based on their current skills got them various ideas how to manage the trail obstacles in the woods.

All instructors were advanced and accomplished hard enduro racers themselves. Two were SEER’s race directors Gary Barr and Derek Bratcher.

Some drills were pretty doable for everyone, some were more demanding. All partakers worked on pushing themselves to their limits and maybe try something what they have never done before.

Since the morning training was not split by skill level the attendants got the chance to learn from more advanced riders and help each other with tips.

Proper Nutrition & Fitness Off-The-Bike

During the lunch break SEER team member and coach Lisi Bratcher talked how to fuel hard enduro training sessions. Choosing quality carbs, lean protein and proper hydration can help all riders to delay fatigue.

She also addressed fitness training off-the-bike. Implementing short weight- and cardio training sessions into your daily routine is an effective way to make you are stronger rider!

Trail Riding

In the afternoon the riders were split into groups based on riding experience. This ensured they tackled trails which were challenging, but still doable to them.

All SEER instructors were super impressed by the overall riding skills. Most riders felt really comfortable on their bikes and were eager to improve their skills.

Would YOU Benefit From A Skills Clinic?

Working on your technique is something no rider ever does often enough. You might have learned some riding technique before, but those tips are not not always specific for hard enduro riding.

A safe environment might provide the opportunity to practice obstacles you might not have tried on your own. You might realize that you have the ability to ride over a large log in an uphill section or manage a slick downhill turn without crashing.

This was the best day!!

All the girls I talked with were saying how sweet and encouraging the SEER trainers were. All the guys I talked to were blown away by the progress the ladies made throughout the day! Love it!

SEER Racer Ashlie Peterson

Besides improving your technique – networking and having fun with a large group of like-minded female riders is hard to beat!

So in case you missed this one, join us next year! We will be back!

Written by Lisi Bratcher

Photo Courtesy of Hunter Williams and Kristina Zmuda

Video Chat Episode 3

10/20/2020. Catch up with us when host and SEER social media boss Hunter Williams lays out the details for the upcoming Ladies Skills Clinic on Saturday 10/24/2020.

Our drop-in guest is SEER team member Lisi Bratcher who sees networking with other female riders a big chance to grow the sport.

Hunter and Lisi are going to talk you through the program of the training day. The day will be packed with plenty of opportunities to learn, watch, push yourself to your limits and enjoy the company of other like-minded riders.

It will also be mentioned that we have tons of sponsors who contributed to make this event a success! All participants will receive t-shirts, full goodie bags, a tire service and can join us at our raffle at the end of the day. A big shout out thank you to our partners!

Lisi points out that you will be able to meet the entire SEER team. Instead of a typical Saturday spent cutting trails, all of us hard enduro fans will be at Hollytree Offroad to instruct the 31 motivated participants!

Don’t miss it!

SEER Video Chat Episode 3

Video Chat Episode 2

Join us as we recap out last event “The Nightmare Extreme on Hale Mountain!”

This was SEER Racing’s night time Extreme Hare Scramble on October 10th, 2020. Not only was it held in the dark, but a by-passing hurrican dumped tons of rain on the race course.

We hear from the man Gary Barr himself (SEER’s race director) as well as our special guest Nick Fahringer (Sherco Pro Rider).

Nick was able to take the overall win at the Nightmare race and secure the 2020 SEER overall Championship. Enjoy!

EPISODE 2 – The Nightmare

The Nightmare Recap

For most riders it is a challenge to ride a hard enduro at night in dry conditions. But a by-passing hurricane led to a very gloomy and wet weekend at Hale Mountain in Alabama.

Nightmare at Hale Mountain was one for the books! The hurricane rain was no joke!!‘ – Hannah Williams, SEER

A summary of the race course would be ‘steep, rocky, super slick and dark‘.

The grim weather forecast for Alabama kept many racers away. Who would blame them. But those brave 35 racers who showed up got an ultimately hard extreme enduro delivered! They collected memorable dirt bike moments in the dark :o)

During the rainy day leading up to the race, the SEER team put a lot of effort into re-routing and adjusting the course to the upcoming hard rain.

At 6 pm the race was kicked-off with a Le Mans start. The rain slowed down at the beginning of the race, but came back in full force in the second hour.

Video Recap

SRT SEER series overall leaders Nick Fahringer and Quinn Wentzel delivered a spectacular battle! 

Watch them on the video racing through the night – put together by SEER’ social media manager Hunter Williams.


After 2:45 hours the white flag came out – Nick Fahringer secured his overall series win of 2020 with a finish at the top of the podium! Congrats Nick!

The results of the Gold class duplicate the current SRT SEER series standing: Nick Fahringer 1st, Quinn Wentzel 2nd and Chuck DeLullo 3rd.

In the Silver class, Gavin Smith finished 1st, followed by Brad Caraway 2nd and Will Byrd 3rd.

The Bronze class winners were Chris Evans in 1st, James Disney in 2nd and Joe Anderson in 3rd.

Great job everybody, what a performance!

All racers did a fabulous job navigating through the rain in the dark – nobody got lost and no major injuries happened!

Final Race at TTC

The SRT SEER series will finish the season at the race location of the famous Tennessee Knock-Out race at the Trails Training Center.

Sign up for the Cliffhanger at TTC on November 14th is open:

Thank you!

We would like to thank those who helped us to make this race happen: Our precious volunteers, who worked the event bravely – despite being soaked for hours!

Not only did their hands-on work keep the riders going, they also made sure nobody stayed behind in the black woods!!

See you at the TTC!

Written by Lisi Bratcher

Photo courtesy of Hunter Williams and Photoman386.

SEER Launches Hard Enduro Video Chat Series

Join us for our little offroad-party on your couch!

We are super excited to release our new series of chats broadcasting extreme hard enduro racing-related topics.

The informal chat sessions are meant to motivate, inform and entertain hard enduro riders of various levels.

Drop-In Drop-Out Video Chats

SEER’s Social Media Manager Hunter Williams is the new host of our new series. He will be moderating informative episodes covering details of our SEER events.

In each session he will have guests joining him. No formal interviews, but casual conversations.

What the episodes are for:

  • Get tips and tricks
  • Know how to be prepared
  • Sneak a preview of races
  • Hear about challenging race sections
  • Familiarize with the race format
  • Intro to SEER riders
  • Meet the SEER team

Besides delivering tons of useful tips, he will also chat with SEER racers. How do they get ready for race day? Which is their favorite course? How did they get introduced to hard enduro racing?

Episode 1 – Race Preview ‘The Nightmare on Hale Mountain Extreme’ features SEER team member Timo Stark and his take on some of the hard-core sections. Don’t miss it!

Timo riding in Colorado

Stay tuned – the inaugural episode launched on Thursday, October 2nd, and we will continue with episode 2 soon!

Find all video chats listed HERE

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