2020 SEER schedule

Updated schedule!

We are very excited to announce that we are having a 8 race series.

2/15 The Grizzly Run
3-5 Mile lap Extreme hare scrambles
Winchester, TN

3/15 The Groundhog
3-7 Mile lap Extreme hare scrambles
Young Harris, GA

4/25 The Spring Chicken
5-7 Mile lap Extreme hare scrambles
Gardendale, AL

NEW DATE! 6/20 The Sasquatch
40-50 Mile lap. Extreme GPS guided event Winchester, TN

8/1-2 Battle of the Goats
5-15 Mile lap. Extreme hare scrambles
Brushy Mountain, NC

9/5 Saddleback Extreme
10-15 Mile lap. Extreme hare scrambles
Bedford, KY

9/19 The Nite Squatch
35 Mile GPS guided loop. Event at night
Winchester, TN

10/17 The Cliffhanger at Hollytree
3-5 Mile lap Extreme hare scrambles. Event at night
Hollytree, AL

10/17-18 Series Ending Awards Party/ after the Cliffhanger, plan to stay up late!

Each of these events we believe will offer something unique and challenging and the combination will be a series that will test the skills, stamina and determination of the most hard core extreme enduro enthusiasts.

We are very happy to be partnering with some established events and some new venues. Details on each event will be posted soon, in the mean time get off the couch and get ready!

Gary and Derek
SEER Board of directors

River Monster GPS

The 2021 SEER series presented by Pandora’s continued with round #4, the River Monster GPS on June 19, 2021 at the Kairos Resort in Virginia.

SEER River Monster GPS

Racer’s Feedback

Racer’s feedback after round #4, the River Monster GPS at Kairos Resort in Virginia: ‘Wow Kairos is incredible. Toughest hill climbs I’ve ever done. Creek beds that seem to never end. Descents that make your tail pipe pucker.’

SEER River Monster GPS

Who Came To Race?

After SEER had to drop their 2020 GPS race, we were happy to see over 100 racers from 17 different states mount their GPS devices and come to the Kairos resort.

SEER River Monster GPS

Race Clips

Race clips from the River Monster GPS provided by Travis Jackson. The GPS race at Kairos Wilderness Resort had a 26 mile course and an 8 hour time limit.

Who Won The Race?

Gold 1. Quinn Wentzel 2. Stephen Edmondson 3. Jeremiah Burkhart 4. Jackson Davis 5. Drew Kirby

Official Results

SEER River Monster GPS – Iron Class Winners

Race Clips From A Bronze Rider

Thank You and See You At Round #5

SEER’s next round is the Saddleback Xtreme in Bedford, Kentucky on September 4, 2021. We promise you will find 12 very challenging hard enduro miles! Sign up now!

SEER River Monster GPS

Photo courtesy of Brittany Johnson and Patsy Davis.

Hard Enduro Racing at Night!

The 2021 SEER series presented by Pandora’s continued with round #3, the Nightmare Extreme on May 15, 2021 at Hale Mountain in Alabama.

SEER Nightmare Extreme

What Was The Race Format?

The Nightmare Extreme starts at dusk and finishes in the dark. After the inaugural year in 2020, SEER’s track director Derek Bratcher used the course in reverse direction, and added plenty of new, challenging sections like Timo’s Hole and Nightmare Creek.

SEER’s standard race format is three hours of race time with multiple checks: This time there were three splits where Gold/ Silver riders stayed on the main course and Bronze/ Iron riders continued with scaled down sections.

The start of the race was on top of a hill, about 1 mile from the parking area. The start format was LeMan style, which usually adds an interesting twist to the procedure ;o)

SEER Nightmare Extreme

How Was The Weather?

SEER’s good weather luck strike continued for the night race: Blue skies, sun and warm temperatures while racers inhabited the parking areas, and scouted out the start area as well as some of the nearby sections. With the clear skies, it was not before 8:00 pm CST until the woods turned totally pitch dark. It cooled off some, but stayed pretty warm.

SEER Nightmare Extreme

Was The Course Spectator Friendly?

One of the check points, also the finish/ lap tent, was within walking distance from the parking area. If you liked to hike, you could be at the start area within 20 minutes, at the top of a hill. Some side-by sides found their way to watch the fun LeMan style start of the race.

SEER Nightmare Extreme

What Did The Course Look Like?

Since it had not rained a lot in the area over the course of several weeks, the course was pretty dry. Some spots stay wet, due to little creeks, but the majority was holding up very well. No many deep ruts or worn out trails. The majority of the racers completed multiple laps due to the great conditions.

SEER Nightmare Extreme

Who Came To Race?

After a hurricane in 2020 passing by, SEER was able to double their race entries from the previous year. There were 80 racers from 15 different states putting on bright lights and heading off into the night!

SEER Nightmare Extreme

Who Were The Winners?

SEER’s race director Gary Barr got to hand out the prize money and the cool plaques at a nightly awards ceremony to familiar faces. The current leader of the SEER championship, Ryder LeBlond, secured another spot on the top of the podium. This time he had 2020 champ Nick Fahringer closing in on him, but Ryder finished a few minutes ahead of him. 2020 vice-champ Quinn Wentzel completed the podium in third.

SEER Nightmare Extreme

Official Results

Highlights Video

Thank You and See You At Round #4

The next round is our premiere hard endure GPS race at Kairos Resort in Virginia, on June 19, 2021. We promise this is going to be a very scenic, +30 miles single-lap course. Don’t miss it!

Get your GPS out and let’s practice navigating! Maybe you will be a winner of a cool SEER trophy?!

SEER Nightmare Extreme

Photo courtesy of Brittany Johnson and Hunter Williams.

Written by SEER team member Lisi Bratcher

Media Coverage Bootlegger Extreme

Find media coverage from SEER’s round #2 on April 3, 2021 at the Cove Farms in Tennessee.

On The Pegs

Read a race report including an interview with race winner Rider LeBlond and a long chat with 2nd overall, trial champ Pat Smage.

SEER 2021 Bootlegger Extreme

May Edition 2021


The Brit based magazine featured the video highlights and results from our event on the Easter weekend.

2021 Bootlegger Extreme Video Highlights – LeBlond wins

Media coverage enduro21 April 12, 2021

Get ready and join us for round #3, the Nightmare on Hale Mountain in Alabama on May 15, 2021!

Round #2 Bootlegger Extreme Recap

New venue, new classes & new date for the Bootlegger Extreme!

After having to postpone the race due to severe weather conditions in the area, the 2021 SEER series presented by Pandora’s continued with the Bootlegger Extreme on the Easter weekend (4/3/2021) in Sequatchie, Tennessee.

Official Highlights Video

What Was The Course Format?

The new course at the Cove Farms offered 3.5 hrs race time with multiple checks: 3 splits where Gold/ Silver stayed on the main course and Bronze/ Iron continued with scaled down sections.

NEW classes: With an increasing number of participants in each class, especially in Silver and Bronze, SEER decided after round #1 to split them up. Riders were divided by age: Silver (Bronze) 16-34y/ Silver (Bronze) 35+. This round, the younger age groups started first, next round it will be the other way round, 35+ goes first.

Bootlegger Extreme Race Start
Bootlegger Extreme Race Start

How Was The Weather?

After severe conditions in the weeks leading up to the race, the elements showed themselves from their best side on the Easter weekend: sunny, chilly in the morning, but warm during the race. We couldn’t have asked for a better weather for racers, spectators and volunteers alike!

Bootlegger Extreme Kristina Zmuda
Bootlegger Extreme Kristina Zmuda

Was The Course Spectator Friendly?

NEW venue: Cove Farms in Tennessee is located right next to the famous Trials Training Center, host of Tennessee’s Knock-Out race. A huge rock within the start area made for an interesting spot to watch. Not only spectating kids loved it, watching racers jump over it and cheering for them 🙂 One of the Gold/ Silver vs. Bronze/ Iron splits was within a few minutes walking distance and gave a chance to watch racers making their way up the rocks.

Bootlegger Extreme Start Rock
Bootlegger Extreme Start Rock

What Did The Course Look Like?

The track was about perfect: mostly dry but not dusty – just right for lots of steep drops, rocky ravines and various obstacles along the course. Challenging, but not impossible. Many racers were able to do multiple laps due to the great conditions.

Bootlegger Extreme Pat Smage
Bootlegger Extreme Pat Smage

Who Came To Race?

Another enormous turn-out at our 2nd hard enduro of the year: With 185 starters we tied our record from the 2021 Covid Crusher. It continues to be a well-traveled group, riders from 20+ states were finding their way to Tennessee.

Bootlegger Extreme Race Morning
Bootlegger Extreme Race Morning

Who Were The Winners?

Overall winners: Once again, 19 year old Ryder LeBlond showed his talent, skills and fitness, followed by 11x National Trials Champ Pat Smage and another young shooting star, Jordan Ashburn. Defending champ Nick Fahringer was hot on their heels but got a hole in his gas tank and ended in 4th.

Bootlegger Extreme Winner Ryder LeBlond
Bootlegger Extreme Winner Ryder LeBlond

Official Results

Bootlegger Extreme Race Results

The images are photo courtesy of Patsy Davis. Check out her race pictures on Smugmug

Thank You and See You At Round #3

The next round is our premiere race at night, SEER’s Nightmare Extreme on Hale Mountain in Alabama on May 15, 2021. Get your lights out and let’s have some fun in the dark!


Written by SEER team member Lisi Bratcher – Contact Us with questions and comments!

Media Coverage Covid Crusher 2.0

SEER’s first round of 2021 was a total success, with a record number of participants! We are super excited to share all the cool national and international media coverage of our event with you!


2021 Covid Crusher Extreme Enduro Video Highlights

enduro21 – 15 February 2021 | Video

enduro21 Covid Crusher


Crush This! Covid Crusher 2.0

Cycle News Magazine 2021 Issue 7 – 16 February 2021 – Page 20 | Link

Cycle News Covid Crusher


Pure Happiness! Covid Crusher 2.0

On The Pegs Magazine March 2021 – Volume 6 – Issue 3 March 2021 | Link

On The Pegs Covid Crusher


You Will Not Be Disappointed! Covid Crusher 2.0

Trail Rider Magazine – March 2021 | Link

Trail Rider Covid Crusher

Race Pictures

Official Race Photographer Patsy DavisCovid Crusher Pictures

Overall Winner Ryder LeBlond
Overall Winner Ryder LeBlond – Photo Courtesy of Patsy Davis

Official Race Photographer Larry MayoCovid Crusher Pictures

Race Highlights - Photo Courtesy of Larry Mayo
Race Highlights – Photo Courtesy of Larry Mayo

RACE REVIEWS – hardenduroraces

Just have fun out there! Covid Crusher 2.0

Hard Enduro Racing – Read race reviews from Iron, Silver and Gold racers, including the winner of the race, Ryder LeBlond – on hardenduroraces.com

Race Review Covid Crusher
Silver Racer PJ Post-Race

Thank You!

Kate's Real Food Bars for Hard Enduro Racing

A BIG THANK YOU to all of our sponsors and volunteers for their support!! We really appreciate them – and couldn’t do it without them!

Covid Crusher 2.0 Recap

The 2021 SEER series presented by Pandora’s started with a record participant number of 180 (!) in our first round. This is almost a 100% increase from the debut race in 2020.

The Covid Crusher 2.0 was held at the Hollytree Offroad Center in Alabama. The race was a blast, despite cold conditions and super slick trails.

SEER Racer Angel Osorio Having Fun!

‘Sometimes it’s pretty humorous to see what off-road motorcycle racers consider fun, but this rider was sure having plenty of it at SEER’s Covid Crusher 2.0 Extreme Enduro.’

Cycle News – Issue 7, 16 February 2021

Who Came To Race?

Riders traveled 15+ hours to North Alabama, coming from as far as Vermont, Massachusetts, and Texas. After a winter break, 180 hard enduro enthusiasts were eager to either race Gold, Silver, Bronze or the new Iron class. The Bronze riders made up largest class with 80 registered participants.

How Was The Weather?

The weather forecast leading up to the race weekend was kind of dim. Lots of rain and cool temperatures were predicted. Luckily the race day presented itself as dry, which made the cool temps in the low 30s bearable. Lining up at the start, racers were still chilly, but this quickly changed once the race started ;o)

What Was The Course Format?

Starting at 10:00 a.m. and finishing at 1:00 p.m., the Covid Crusher 2.0 was a three-hour hard enduro with multiple checks. The racers had 180 minutes to complete as many laps, or reach as many check points, as possible. There were 3 scoring checks along the course, and each of them also marked a course split. Gold/ Silver class stayed on the main course and Bronze/ Iron continued on scaled down sections.

What Did The Course Look Like?

The SEER team created a tough 8 mile course on rugged terrain, which almost doubled the distance from the previous year’s Covid Crusher. Hollytree Offroad is famous for its rocky creek beds, which were very slick and quickly became a challenge for even the most talented rider. The ground was very soggy from all the rain leading up to the race, and the ruts got very deep in many spots.

Was The Course Spectator Friendly?

Yes, this course was! Right from the start, very close to the pits, the action started. Within the first minute the Gold/ Silver riders got to ‘Nico’s Valley’, a brutal rocky uphill creek bed.

Nico’s Valley

The Bronze/ Iron riders had a short demanding section, the ‘Bronze/ Iron Challenge’.

Half-way through the lap the Gold/ Silver racers were challenged with ‘Meltdown Mountain’. This was one of the most difficult sections of the race, a steep uphill made of mud-covered rocks. Outside assistance was not allowed, but half-way through the race, participants started to give each other a hand to make it up the hill.  

Meltdown Mountain

On the other side of the parking area, easily within walking distance, was the third section ideal for spectators: ‘Copperhead Creek’, a steep rocky creek bed.

Copperhead Creek

How Far Did The Racers Make It?

The overall winners Ryder LeBlond and Quinn Wentzel were the only two riders to make three laps. Nick Fahringer was just a few minutes short to complete his third lap. 

Overall Winner Ryder LeBlond

45% of the field completed one full lap within the three hour race time.

Scoring Tent/ Check 2 at the Bottom of Copperhead Creek

Of all racers, 75% made it to check 1, on top of Meltdown Mountain.

Who Were The Winners?

The OA and Gold class winner was 19 year-old Ryder LeBlond, with Quinn Wentzel in 2nd, and 2020 champ Nick Fahringer in 3rd.

The Overall Podium

The Silver class was won by Nathan Taylor, followed by Greg Nolf and Jeffrey Hagewood.

The Bronze class podium was filled by Michael Barrett on the top, Cody Bollinger in 2nd and Ethan Burkhart in 3rd.

The winners of SEER’s inaugural Iron class are Tim Johnson in first, Eli Hamou in second, and Matt Harris in third.

View all official race results HERE

Media Coverage of the Covid Crusher 2.0

Official Race Pictures Patsy Davis

Official Race Pictures Larry Mayo


enduro21.com – 15 February 2021 | Videos

Cycle News Magazine 2021 Issue 7 – 16 February 2021 | Link

Thank You and See You At Round #2

Thank you very much for racing with us! Time to get ready for SEER’s hard enduro round #2, the Bootlegger Extreme on March 27 in Tennessee.

Photo Courtesy of Patsy Davis and Troy Roberts

Nutrition Tips – Fit For SEER?

A three-part series about bike and rider prep for the SEER series 2021. SEER team members share their experience and expertise.

Bike Tips – Episode 1 covered aspects around your hard enduro bike set-up. In Training Tips – Episode 2, we show you what kind of off-the-bike training can help you to finish stronger.

Hard Enduro Rider Jonny Walker

In today’s episode we question how proper sports nutrition around your races make a difference.

I have also learned that a good diet and plenty of rest is equally important. 

Pro Hard Enduro Rider Jonny Walker

How To Get Your Race Day Fueling Right

Proper race day fueling starts with a good diet ahead of your race. Developing healthy eating habits takes time, and that’s why you ideally start today! Small changes can make a big difference in the long run.

But first things first, what should you actually eat on race day?

Should You Have A Race Day Breakfast?

Yes! The majority of our SEER races start at 10 am, which means that your breakfast will be a crucial part of your race day prep.

Find a healthy breakfast you like and what works for you, eg. some granola with an apple, a whole wheat toast with cream cheese, some peanut butter with a banana or simply some yogurt. Nothing too greasy since it might bother you during the race.

Eat a small amount of the breakfast of your choice every morning, not only on race day. If you usually skip breakfast, this will ensure your stomach gets used to having some food in the morning!

Bowl of porridge with fruits. Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Don’t forget to drink at least 2 cups of water with your breakfast, which will help you to stay hydrated.

Do I Need Anything During A SEER Race?

Yes, both something to drink and eat. Any hard riding for longer than 90 minutes is more easily done when your body gets some fueling.

We strongly recommend the use of a hydration system. Remember, most of our races are around three hours, and ideally you drink a minimum of 16 ounces of water each hour.

Hard Enduro Riders With Hydration Packs

If you are a heavy sweater and the race is on a hot day (later in the season), you will need 24-32 ounces per hour. But you have to train yourself to be able to drink that much, it takes time to adjust.

What food you pack in your bag is a personal preference – most riders like bars, gels, or chews. Bring at least two packages of your choice so you have options.

Kate’s Real Food Bars

If you are looking for bar, try the one’s from our new series sponsor, Kate’s Real Food. ‘We are committed to making real, great-tasting food to fuel your every adventure.‘ – which sounds pretty fitting for SEER!

Come to our first race, the Covid Crusher 2.0, and don’t forget to pick up a sample with your race number!

Kate’s Real Food Bars


  • Eat breakfast before the race.
  • Try out your breakfast before race day.
  • Bring a drink backpack for race day.
  • Put bars, gels, or chews in your hydration pack.

If this is your first hard enduro, pace yourself wisely and plan stops every 45-60 minutes to eat/ drink rather than ride non-stop until you fall off your bike :o)

Good luck for the race!

Written by SEER team member Lisi Bratcher, Certified Coach/ Sports Nutritionist and Exercise Scientist.

Video Chat – Episode 9

Welcome to the third part of our ‘Fit for SEER’ series! SEER’s social media manager and host Hunter Williams talks nutrition with our Silver class rider PJ Aguirre. 2/8/2021

Listen up as Hunter Williams talks nutrition with crowd favorite and SEER racer PJ Aguirre. PJ is one of our Silver riders and has been on a nutrition schedule that Lisi Bratcher designed for him for around one month ago.

Check out what PJ has to say about his current condition and what he is looking forward to seeing at round one of the 2021 SEER race season.

After 1 month of making small tweaks to his nutrition, he feels lighter on his toes. Very impressive, he lost 10 lbs!

He even tried the fueling bars of our new 2021 sponsors Kate’s Real Food.

Listen to what he has to say and what his recommendations are: Have fun and the rest will come to you!

Round one is scheduled for February 13th. Good Luck PJ! Keep up the hard work!

See you guys in a few days! You can still sign up for round 1 COVID CRUSHER 2.0

SEER Video Chat Episode 9

Training Tips – Fit For SEER?

A three-part series about bike and rider prep for the SEER hard enduro series 2021. SEER team members share their experience and expertise.

Episode #1 covered how to get your BIKE ready for your first hard enduro. Today’s episode dives into the specifics of Training-off-the-bike. Is it worth it?

Yes it is!


If I’m not riding MX, Enduro, or Trialing I’m either cycling or in the gym. 

Pro Rider Jonny Walker

But if you are not sure, see why British pro & hard enduro rider Jonny Walker does believe fitness training keeps him sharp REDBULL ARTICLE.

Weighted Side Lunges

We also aired a video chat with riders Chuck DeLullo and Ryder LeBlond last week. They shared their training and nutrition strategies to prep for the SEER season SEER VIDEO CHAT EP 8

Train Your Body

Your best bet to get in riding shape is to ride as much as you can. Straight forward. But due to work, family, and other time consuming obligations, we might have limited seat time, especially during the colder months of the year.

Off-The Bike Fitness

Building your general fitness is a great way to use the darker and shorter winter days. Here is how you could do it – using tips from the SEER experts.

Medicine Ball Sit-Ups with Throw&Catch

What Should I Do?

Any form of cardio training like running, cycling or rowing is highly beneficial for dirt bike riders. Adding strength exercises like squats, shoulder press, lunges and lat pull downs will help you to lift up or push your bike more easily.

Mixing up your exercises is a popular way to have some fun and stay motivated. Here are three 30 minutes sessions to build fitness for riding:


15 minutes cardio/ running or stationary bike,

15 minutes weight lifting focus upper body (example see box below).


8 minutes dynamic warm-up,

10 minutes body weight exercises like jump ropes, jumping jacks and push-ups (see workout images below),

12 minutes cardio – alternate 30 seconds running in place/ 30 seconds lunges and jumping jacks.

Extra tip: Google ‘HIIT 15 minutes‘ and search for images – find various workout combinations.


10 minutes Warm-Up of your choice – like jogging or cycling

15 minutes At-Home Interval Training Workout – to be found on YOUTUBE

5 minutes cool-down including stretching

Sometimes it is simply easier to follow along, without having to come up with your own program!

Extra tip: Youtube workout channels I frequently recommend are FitnessBlender, HASfit, and ACHV PEAK. I bet you will find something you like!

How Often Do I Need To Train?

Start easy and build it up gradually. If you have not done any kind of fitness training in a while, you might want to start doing 2-3 days/ week sessions of 10-20 minutes.

Kettlebell Single Arm Front Lift

Your goal is to work on your stamina for 2-3 days/ week for 45-60 minutes once you are ready for it.


Getting in shape takes time – start with small steps and stick to them. Build it up gradually towards our first race on February 13, 2021.

Our races are at least 3 hours, which means the longer your workouts, the better are your chances to finish strong :o)

Written by SEER team member Lisi Bratcher, Certified Coach/ Sports Nutritionist and Exercise Scientist.

Video Chat – Episode 8

Welcome to our second chat of 2021! SEER’s Hunter Williams talks fitness and teamwork on this episode with riders Chuck DeLullo and Ryder LeBlond. 1/25/2021

Listen to what these two talented riders are doing each week to prepare for the toughest races in the Southeast.

Nick Fahringer Staying in Shape!

If you plan on racing hard enduros be sure you are prepared physically and mentally.

SEER’s tips are tailored for those who are new to our hard enduro events. Improving your fitness will increase your chances to see the finish lane!

Start training today! Let us know what you do to prepare in the comments.

Be fit so you can enjoy the post-race party!

We will continue with nutrition tips before our first round, the Covid Crusher 2.0 on February 13th, 2021.

See you guys in a few short weeks! Sign up for round 1 HERE

SEER Video Chat Episode 8

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