2020 SEER schedule

Updated schedule!

We are very excited to announce that we are having a 8 race series.

2/15 The Grizzly Run
3-5 Mile lap Extreme hare scrambles
Winchester, TN

3/15 The Groundhog
3-7 Mile lap Extreme hare scrambles
Young Harris, GA

4/25 The Spring Chicken
5-7 Mile lap Extreme hare scrambles
Gardendale, AL

NEW DATE! 6/20 The Sasquatch
40-50 Mile lap. Extreme GPS guided event Winchester, TN

8/1-2 Battle of the Goats
5-15 Mile lap. Extreme hare scrambles
Brushy Mountain, NC

9/5 Saddleback Extreme
10-15 Mile lap. Extreme hare scrambles
Bedford, KY

9/19 The Nite Squatch
35 Mile GPS guided loop. Event at night
Winchester, TN

10/17 The Cliffhanger at Hollytree
3-5 Mile lap Extreme hare scrambles. Event at night
Hollytree, AL

10/17-18 Series Ending Awards Party/ after the Cliffhanger, plan to stay up late!

Each of these events we believe will offer something unique and challenging and the combination will be a series that will test the skills, stamina and determination of the most hard core extreme enduro enthusiasts.

We are very happy to be partnering with some established events and some new venues. Details on each event will be posted soon, in the mean time get off the couch and get ready!

Gary and Derek
SEER Board of directors

Video Chat – Episode 8

Welcome to our second chat of 2021! SEER’s Hunter Williams talks fitness and teamwork on this episode with riders Chuck DeLullo and Ryder LeBlond. 1/25/2021

Listen to what these two talented riders are doing each week to prepare for the toughest races in the Southeast.

Nick Fahringer Staying in Shape!

If you plan on racing hard enduros be sure you are prepared physically and mentally.

SEER’s tips are tailored for those who are new to our hard enduro events. Improving your fitness will increase your chances to see the finish lane!

Start training today! Let us know what you do to prepare in the comments.

Be fit so you can enjoy the post-race party!

We will continue with nutrition tips before our first round, the Covid Crusher 2.0 on February 13th, 2021.

See you guys in a few short weeks! Sign up for round 1 HERE

SEER Video Chat Episode 8

Hard Enduro Calendar 2021

Discover epic hard enduro races around the world!

SEER is super excited to be part of the newly launched global race calendar for hard enduro races!


Together with over 130 race directors, a team of dedicated European hard enduro (pro) riders is working to make this platform user-(rider) friendly and keep it up-to-date.

Photo Courtesy of http://www.hardenduroracing.com

One of SEER’s intentions is to grow the hard enduro community, and we love to see others supporting our efforts!

Check this out – SEER’s Covid Crusher 2.0 listed as the second global race for next month!!!

This world-wide calendar is a way to offer racers, fans, friends etc. a way to find out about epic race and, more importantly, how (easily) they can attend it.

Photo Courtesy of http://www.hardenduroracing.com

We are convinced that this platfrom is going to become the most important source of information with regards to Hard Enduro Races all around the world!

Photo Courtesy of http://www.hardenduroracing.com

Peter Weiss is a professional hard enduro rider and the face behind the calendar. Thanks Peter for your hard work!!

Video Chat – Episode 7

Welcome to our first chat of 2021! Listen up as our host and social media manager Hunter Williams talks with our race director Derek Bratcher, and team member Timo Stark about three important bike set-up details. 1/15/2021

SEER’s tips are tailored for those who are new to our hard enduro events. Setting up your bike can make your race experience a lot better!

We will continue with fitness and nutrition tips before our first round, the Covid Crusher 2.0 on February 13th, 2021.

See you guys in a few short weeks! Sign up for round 1 HERE

SEER Video Chat Episode 7

Bike Tips – Fit For SEER?

A three-part series about bike and rider prep for the SEER hard enduro series 2021. SEER team members share their experience and expertise.

With just a little bit over five weeks until our first race in February, you might wonder which steps you should take to get ready. In episode #1 we are providing tips to get your dirt bike prepped.

Here is info for those who are new to our hard enduro events.

Get Your Bike Ready

We checked in with our expert, SEER’s race director Derek Bratcher. He raced dirt bikes for years and is a trained mechanic.

Here is a Q/A session with Derek and he shares what he believes is a good starting point.

Steps to Set Up A Hard Enduro Bike

Derek: We hope your bike is in proper working order. Now let’s talk about setting it up for hard enduros. You might have raced before, but extreme events are more demanding on your equipment.

You want to make sure that your bike has the proper protection while riding challenging sections like rocky ravines, large roots and ledges.

It might be helpful to add a few items before lining up at the race. There are plenty of options for upgrades. I selected the big three, the most crucial items for a hard enduro beginner, in my opinion.

  1. Fan
  2. Skid Plate
  3. Tires

1) Why Will a Fan Make A Difference?

Derek: The most obvious reason is that your bike is less likely to overheat. When you go slow, or push your bike over a longer time, a fan provides more air and helps to improve the cooling.

Here is an example of a fan which has a manual switch. Which means you have to turn the fan on or off as needed. The SEER team prefers this over an automatic temp switch since they tend to run more than needed. With a manual switch your battery life will be extended and you can chat with your friends at a stop without a noisy fan running.

Overall, it might make the difference between keeping the performance of the bike up, or being forced to stop and take an extra break to let the bike cool off again.

Do I Need A Fan?

Derek: Bronze and Iron riders skip the most tough sections, which means they might get away without a fan.

2) Why Are All Hard Enduro Riders Running A Skid Plate?

Derek: Rocks! They always win :o) Without a skid plate your engine cases and the frame are more likely to be damaged. Hard enduros are full of rocks, logs and other obstacles.

The material of the skid plate is thick, either made of aluminium or high quality plastic. They come in different forms. Some have side tabs that protect the frame rails, footpeg mounts and ignition covers, others protect your frame and linkage with one piece.

An issue with skid plates is the accumulated mud, but most manufacturers are using a design which lets mud chunks shake off and rattle through the vents.

It simply might ease your mind to know you have a piece mounted which provides high impact and dent protection. It will increase the chances of your bike to arrive at the finish line in one piece!

3) What is Different about a Hard Enduro Tire?

Derek: If you usually train on sand or hard-packed dirt, you are more likely running a less flexible/ harder tire. For slick rocks and creekbeds you are better off with a softer version, which provides more grip. The side walls are more flexible and the nobs are extremely soft, like a trials tire.


Generally, if you want to make this event enjoyable, I really believe you will need to invest in a proper tire.

SEER: Shinko is our series partner in 2021 and we are excited to promote their great products! Derek really likes their 520 DC rear tire. They have their own category of ‘Extreme-Enduro Offroad Tires’. Check them out here SHINKO TIRES

Can I Run Tubes in Hard Enduros?

Derek: Yes, you can, but ideally you run mousse bibs or tubeless.

A mousse pretty much eliminates flat tires. Another item taken off our ‘worry-list’. Generally they are harder to mount compared to tubes, but when hitting rocks or ledges the impact is dramatically reduced. Some bibs are pretty hard to begin with. The harder the tire, the less traction you get in gnarly sections. Even the best, soft tire made for tough terrain can’t perform as well with 20 psi compared to 5 psi. Which means you ideally wear the mousse in before a race or start with a hard enduro specific bibs.

A tubeless system eliminates the need for a tube. But the big difference to a mousse is that it keeps your options open. You can run it with as low as 0 psi on certain tires but also use it on other days with 10+ psi. Although it still can be punctured, it is also called a ‘bulletproof vest’, and a hole will not end your day.

Maintaining traction in a three hour race goes a long way by reducing fatigue over the course of the event.


A fan will prevent overheating, the right skid plate reduces bike damage, and the correct tire makes for a more grippy ride. Sounds like a solid plan!

Keep on riding! See you on February 13, 2021 for round #1 – The Covid Crusher 2.0

We would love to hear your comments – post them to our facebook page HERE

Written by SEER team member Lisi Bratcher

2021 SEER Series Presented by Pandora’s

The entire SEER team is super excited to have Pandora’s as our title sponsor for the new 2021 series. Together with the support of many other new and previous sponsors, we will be able to pull off another cool year with epic races!

2021 SEER Series Racers

We kindly ask you to support the series as well and sign up to be a SEER series racer for 2021. Besides being included in the annual series ranking, you are going to get a stylish SEER hat or beanie.

2021 SEER Race Schedule

We have 7 awesome races lined up for you! There is going to be another night race, and to everyone’s excitement, a GPS race is back on the schedule. You are going to race across 5 states.

A new IRON class welcomes first-time hard enduro racers and those who simply want to give our races a try.

6 locations are confirmed, and the event site of round #3 will be announced soon.

Registration is open for round #1, the Covid Crusher 2.0 at Hollytree Offroad in Alabama on February 13, 2021.

SEER team, Pandora’s and all of our other sponsors can’t wait to see you at our first round!

SEER Goes Erzberg

At our end-of-year awards ceremony at the Cliffhanger in November, SEER announced the gold star win for 2021:

The 2021 SEER overall champion is going to take home a race package for Erzberg 2022. Yes, you heard correctly. The overall winner of our series gets to race the most prestigious hard enduro race in the world!

About Erzbergrodeo

Redbull Erzbergrodeo started 25 years ago, and today it is the largest hard enduro event in the world. It takes place at a giantic iron mine located in the heart of Europe.

The Iron Mine

Every year on the first weekend in June, the sleepy village of Eisenerz (‘iron ore’) in the middle of the beautiful Austrian mountains awakens and welcomes thousands of visitors.

Hare Scramble

The race itself is limited to 1850 participants, and 500 will qualify for the main event on Sunday, the notoriuos Red Bull Hare Scramble.

Media Spectacle

400 (!) journalists show up to cover the largest hard enduro in the world. With this being said, the race is a huge media spectacle, and gets lots of coverage on TV, magazines and social media.

Iron Road Prologue

The qualifier consists of a 2-day prologue, called the Iron Road Prologue. On Friday and Saturday, the competitors try to qualify for the main event on Sunday. Each competitor gets one timed run per day on a roughly 15 mile course.

Iron Road Prologue

The track is a wide gravel road leading up to the top of the Iron Giant. To qualify for Sunday, you need to be one of the 500 fastest competitors of the Iron Road Prologue. Your fastest time out of the two days will count.

Hare Scramble – Early Checkpoints

Qualifying in a top spot is about more than bragging rights. It also garantees you a start in a front row for Sunday. 500 competitors will be lined up in 10 rows, with 50 riders per row. The less racers that start in front of you, the better. This is especially crucial in this hard enduro which is notorious for its bottlenecks on gigantic uphills early in the race.

Hare Scramble – Later Checkpoints

The Sunday Hard Scramble is a super hard core 4 hour race, and your goal is to reach as many checkpoints as possible. For 2021, they have 25 checkpoints lined up. After 4 hours, a loud horn will blast across the mountain and signal the end of the race for you, no matter where you are.

Race Package

SEER is going to pay for your entry fee. And additionally, we have a partner who is supplying a rental bike.

Ride Xpower is the world’s number one off-road tour operator and offers rental bikes as well. They agreed to provide a race bike for the SEER overall champ racing Erzberg in 2022.

To help you with your travel expenses, SEER is going to set up a gofundme account. We are going to kick it off with a $300 donation. With help from friends, fellow racers and corporate sponsors we hope to raise more money during the 2021 season. These funds can be used for air fare, car rental and accommodations during your stay in Austria.


For 2021, the race entry fee is 305.00 Euro ($ 362.00). A bike rental for 4 days usually starts at 1500.00 Euro ($ 1780.00). Including the money we are going to raise for your travel expenses, we are looking at a minimum monetary worth of $ 2,500!

Now you can ask yourself: How many hard enduro race series offer a prize package of $2,500 for the winner?

Don’t miss 2021!

Clean Up at TTC

Thank you to all of the volunteers for your help! Special thanks to TTC for allowing the SEER group to come in and assist cleaning up this beautiful property!

30 SEER riders showed up to help us get the property cleaned up from previous events. Many yards of tape and numerous arrows were taken down, including old bottles and other trash along the course.

Within a few hours, we covered a lot of ground and filled up multiple large trash bags.

At lunch, Larry & Emily from TTC provided pizza for all helpers! How kind of them!

After the work was done, it was time to play! All helpers got to enjoy the last warm Fall weekend.

Various small groups of riders took off in different directions to either have some fun on the Bronze loop, tackle challenging Gold sections, or explore new trails for 2021.

SEER really appreciated all the volunteers that showed up!

See you at SEER’s round #1 in 2021!

Media Coverage Cliffhanger

Besides tons of chatter on social media, SEER’s Cliffhanger Extreme did get pretty cool nation-wide and international media attention.

In case you missed some of it, here is a list of resources we warmly recommend:

1) American Hard Enduro – Podcast

Instant recap of SEER Cliffhanger Extreme

15 November 2020 – 38 min

Interviews with Cody Webb, Nick Fahringer and Adam Hartnagal following the SEER Cliffhanger at the Trials Training Center in Sequatchie, Tennessee!

2) enduro21 – The world’s #1 motorcycle enduro website

SEER Enduro: Cliffhanger Extreme win for Cody Webb 

16 November 2020 | Extreme Enduro

Cody Webb switched back to hard enduro mode to take victory at the Cliffhanger Extreme Enduro where SEER Racing gave the TKO venue in Tennessee a Hard Enduro makeover for their last race of 2020.

3) Dirt Bike Magazine – Article

Extreme Enduro: The SEER Cliffhanger

18 November 2020

SEER, South East Extreme Riders Association is a fast-growing Extreme Enduro series based in North Alabama. It started out with only a few riders and has advanced to pull some factory riders like Nick Fahringer, Quinn Wintzell, Jordan Ashburn and other Pro riders like Cody Webb. 

4) YouTube Videos

Here is one of the many Cliffhanger videos you can find on YouTube, SEER’s most talked about event to date.

5) SEER’s Video Chat – Episode 6

SEER’ social media boss Hunter Williams started a new Video Chat series in 2020. In episode 6 he chats with P.J Aguirre, Ryder LeBlond, Chuck DeLullo, and silent guest Nick on the final round of the SRT SEER series.

We are super excited about all the hype the series created!

We can’t wait to be back in 2021 with lots of improvements so you can have even more fun racing with us!

Video Chat Episode 6

Welcome to episode 6! Here we chat with P.J Aguirre, Ryder LeBlond, Chuck DeLullo, and silent guest Nick on the final round of the SRT SEER series, The Cliffhanger at TTC. 11/19/2020

All three of these racers had an amazing race at the beautiful Trials Training Center located in Sequatchie TN. Enjoy these competitors’ perspectives on SEER’s most talked about event to date.

Ryder on the TCC Course

They share which sections they liked about the race, and how the outlook on winning a start slot for Erzberg makes them motivated to train and come back next year.

Ryder Finished 5th Overall at the Cliffhanger!

SEER’s social media guru Hunter has a good Cody Webb story to tell. Cody not only won the race, but also offered kind sportsmanship and showed what hard enduro racing is about – having fun with like-minded hard-core enthusiasts!

Don’t miss it!

SEER Video Chat Episode 6

Nick Fahringer SRT/ SEER Hard Enduro Champion 2020

With 6 wins in a row, Nick Fahringer was already crowned the champion before heading into SRT/ SEER’s final round #7, the Cliffhanger Extreme.

Overall Championship

Nick dominated all of the first 6 hard enduro races, no matter which format, duration, day or night! At the last round, the season finisher at the famous TKO location, he found a new challenger. His Sherco team mate Cody Webb showed up and proved a worthy contender.

Ohio-narrative Nick started in the lead, but took a tumble in the first extreme section, the Wash. In typical Nick fashion, he put his head down and worked his way back up to second right behind Cody.

Place 2 in the overall championship goes to another Sherco team rider, Quinn Wentzel. In 5 races he finished right behind Nick, providing dramatic battles on the track for the spectators to watch.

Another Ohio-based rider, Chuck DeLullo completes the Overall podium with his 3rd place. Chuck started a new racing team, called DRT, DeLullo Racing Team. He wants to grow the sport by bringing young, upcoming dirt bike riders with a background in either enduro cross or trials into the hard enduro racing scene. We can’t wait to see who the DeLullo Racing team is going to bring to the 2021 series!

Rank 4 and 5 of the overall season ranking go to Drew Dobbs and Drew Kirby. Both were really close within their results and finished the championship with the exact same number of points (144 pts). Since Drew Kirby raced to more top 10 finishes, he ends up in place 4, and Drew Dobbs places 5.

Gold Class

The top 3 of the Gold Class podium match exactly the top 3 Overall winners: Nick Fahringer, Quinn Wentzel and Chuck DeLullo.

Only place 4 and 5 are reversed, since the individual classes use a differently scaled points system compared to the Overall ranking. With a 1 point lead, Drew Dobbs finishes in 4th, and Drew Kirby in 5th.

Silver Class

The Silver class was dominated by Gavin Smith, who won with a 16 point lead. He will face a tough decision – is he going to make the jump to the Gold class for 2021? Or defend his title in Silver?

The second place in the Silver class goes to Michael Manuel. He was the true hero who finished the Cliffhanger Extreme without his seat! We were all impressed with his determination on his less than comfortable bike :o)

Behind Michael placed Brad Caraway in third. He was the top Silver points rider at the Cliffhanger Extreme. Jackson Davis and William Byrd complete the top 5 racers, but both of them opted to collect points in the Gold class for the final race.

Here is a comment about Jackson: For three races, he signed up for the Silver class. He won all three of them and quickly realized his true competitors are going to be in the Gold class. Jackson finished 13th in SEER’s overall ranking, without having competed in the first races of the series. We are all looking forward to watching him battle the Gold guys in 2021!

Bronze Class

Two riders dominated the Bronze class – Chris Evans and James Disney. Chris won all of the four races he competed in. James placed consistently in the top 3 and secured his overall win with a 30 points lead!

Both of them also raced the Cliffhanger Extreme, so we have a podium shot from the awards ceremony! For the Cliffhanger ranking the spots were reversed – Chris finished first, with respectably 2 laps and 3 checks. James ended one check behind him.

Jim Robert completed the series in 3rd, Ian Paige in 4th, and Braiden Rose in 5th. Ian Paige said he enjoyed the demanding, but doable Bronze loop of the Cliffhanger Extreme course. Not only did he complete 2 laps, he also ranked in 3rd, his best single-race series ranking in 2020.

Come Back 2021!

We saw lots of smiling faces throughout the series. It looks like everyone had a good time ;o)

Congrats to our top finishers, and all of our competitors.

The SEER team is already working hard to get the 2021 season lined up. You will see lots of improvements, like class changes, scoring upgrades, new race venues and maybe even something for the future champs on two-wheels.

We had participants from over 20 states coming to our races. Who knows what 2021 brings – will we see our first international competitor?

With the help of our new partners at Redbull Erzberg Rodeo and RideXpower, we think the chances are high!

See you in 2021!

Photo courtesy of Larry Mayo and Patsy Davis

Written by Lisi Bratcher

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