SEER Going Electric!

SEER Racing is announcing a NEW e-Moto class in their hard enduro series!

The new class will be introduced at their season’s final, the Cliffhanger Extreme on October 29, 2022, at the Trials Training Center in Tennessee. And continued in the 2023 series.

SEER’s race directors Gary Barr and Derek Bratcher can’t wait to see electric dirt bikes on their hard enduro course: ‘Their advanced technology makes them light, quiet, and more powerful than you would expect. We believe that e-Moto bikes are quickly gaining popularity and will even grow more in the future.’

Wheel Size and Age limit

For the series, you will need a bike with a minimum rear-wheel size of 16 inches. That’s the only requirement, otherwise the class is open format, like the other SEER classes. Well, and being 16 years or older, which is standard for all SEER events.

The e-Moto class will start behind the Bronze and Iron riders and stay on the same course. The most difficult sections of the challenging trails will be bypassed.

4h Race Course

Worried that you will not make it around the SEER course on one battery? You are going to have four hours for the eight-mile course. If you conserve your bike’s battery (and your own!), you should be able to complete multiple laps. But if your battery gets low, simply stop at one of the checkpoints and take the ‘easy out’ route. No problem.

Remember, the main reason they are popular is because they are simply fun to ride!

Ready to try something new? Come and join us with your e-Moto bike at the Trials Training Center on October 29.

Race Registration & More

Sign up and find more details here

Text Lisi Bratcher/ SEER Team

Pictures courtesy of Larry Mayo

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