Video Chat – Episode 9

Welcome to the third part of our ‘Fit for SEER’ series! SEER’s social media manager and host Hunter Williams talks nutrition with our Silver class rider PJ Aguirre. 2/8/2021

Listen up as Hunter Williams talks nutrition with crowd favorite and SEER racer PJ Aguirre. PJ is one of our Silver riders and has been on a nutrition schedule that Lisi Bratcher designed for him for around one month ago.

Check out what PJ has to say about his current condition and what he is looking forward to seeing at round one of the 2021 SEER race season.

After 1 month of making small tweaks to his nutrition, he feels lighter on his toes. Very impressive, he lost 10 lbs!

He even tried the fueling bars of our new 2021 sponsors Kate’s Real Food.

Listen to what he has to say and what his recommendations are: Have fun and the rest will come to you!

Round one is scheduled for February 13th. Good Luck PJ! Keep up the hard work!

See you guys in a few days! You can still sign up for round 1 COVID CRUSHER 2.0

SEER Video Chat Episode 9

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