Training Tips – Fit For SEER?

A three-part series about bike and rider prep for the SEER hard enduro series 2021. SEER team members share their experience and expertise.

Episode #1 covered how to get your BIKE ready for your first hard enduro. Today’s episode dives into the specifics of Training-off-the-bike. Is it worth it?

Yes it is!


If I’m not riding MX, Enduro, or Trialing I’m either cycling or in the gym. 

Pro Rider Jonny Walker

But if you are not sure, see why British pro & hard enduro rider Jonny Walker does believe fitness training keeps him sharp REDBULL ARTICLE.

Weighted Side Lunges

We also aired a video chat with riders Chuck DeLullo and Ryder LeBlond last week. They shared their training and nutrition strategies to prep for the SEER season SEER VIDEO CHAT EP 8

Train Your Body

Your best bet to get in riding shape is to ride as much as you can. Straight forward. But due to work, family, and other time consuming obligations, we might have limited seat time, especially during the colder months of the year.

Off-The Bike Fitness

Building your general fitness is a great way to use the darker and shorter winter days. Here is how you could do it – using tips from the SEER experts.

Medicine Ball Sit-Ups with Throw&Catch

What Should I Do?

Any form of cardio training like running, cycling or rowing is highly beneficial for dirt bike riders. Adding strength exercises like squats, shoulder press, lunges and lat pull downs will help you to lift up or push your bike more easily.

Mixing up your exercises is a popular way to have some fun and stay motivated. Here are three 30 minutes sessions to build fitness for riding:


15 minutes cardio/ running or stationary bike,

15 minutes weight lifting focus upper body (example see box below).


8 minutes dynamic warm-up,

10 minutes body weight exercises like jump ropes, jumping jacks and push-ups (see workout images below),

12 minutes cardio – alternate 30 seconds running in place/ 30 seconds lunges and jumping jacks.

Extra tip: Google ‘HIIT 15 minutes‘ and search for images – find various workout combinations.


10 minutes Warm-Up of your choice – like jogging or cycling

15 minutes At-Home Interval Training Workout – to be found on YOUTUBE

5 minutes cool-down including stretching

Sometimes it is simply easier to follow along, without having to come up with your own program!

Extra tip: Youtube workout channels I frequently recommend are FitnessBlender, HASfit, and ACHV PEAK. I bet you will find something you like!

How Often Do I Need To Train?

Start easy and build it up gradually. If you have not done any kind of fitness training in a while, you might want to start doing 2-3 days/ week sessions of 10-20 minutes.

Kettlebell Single Arm Front Lift

Your goal is to work on your stamina for 2-3 days/ week for 45-60 minutes once you are ready for it.


Getting in shape takes time – start with small steps and stick to them. Build it up gradually towards our first race on February 13, 2021.

Our races are at least 3 hours, which means the longer your workouts, the better are your chances to finish strong :o)

Written by SEER team member Lisi Bratcher, Certified Coach/ Sports Nutritionist and Exercise Scientist.

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