Video Chat – Episode 8

Welcome to our second chat of 2021! SEER’s Hunter Williams talks fitness and teamwork on this episode with riders Chuck DeLullo and Ryder LeBlond. 1/25/2021

Listen to what these two talented riders are doing each week to prepare for the toughest races in the Southeast.

Nick Fahringer Staying in Shape!

If you plan on racing hard enduros be sure you are prepared physically and mentally.

SEER’s tips are tailored for those who are new to our hard enduro events. Improving your fitness will increase your chances to see the finish lane!

Start training today! Let us know what you do to prepare in the comments.

Be fit so you can enjoy the post-race party!

We will continue with nutrition tips before our first round, the Covid Crusher 2.0 on February 13th, 2021.

See you guys in a few short weeks! Sign up for round 1 HERE

SEER Video Chat Episode 8

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