Hard Enduro Calendar 2021

Discover epic hard enduro races around the world!

SEER is super excited to be part of the newly launched global race calendar for hard enduro races!


Together with over 130 race directors, a team of dedicated European hard enduro (pro) riders is working to make this platform user-(rider) friendly and keep it up-to-date.

Photo Courtesy of http://www.hardenduroracing.com

One of SEER’s intentions is to grow the hard enduro community, and we love to see others supporting our efforts!

Check this out – SEER’s Covid Crusher 2.0 listed as the second global race for next month!!!

This world-wide calendar is a way to offer racers, fans, friends etc. a way to find out about epic race and, more importantly, how (easily) they can attend it.

Photo Courtesy of http://www.hardenduroracing.com

We are convinced that this platfrom is going to become the most important source of information with regards to Hard Enduro Races all around the world!

Photo Courtesy of http://www.hardenduroracing.com

Peter Weiss is a professional hard enduro rider and the face behind the calendar. Thanks Peter for your hard work!!

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