SEER Goes Erzberg

At our end-of-year awards ceremony at the Cliffhanger in November, SEER announced the gold star win for 2021:

The 2021 SEER overall champion is going to take home a race package for Erzberg 2022. Yes, you heard correctly. The overall winner of our series gets to race the most prestigious hard enduro race in the world!

About Erzbergrodeo

Redbull Erzbergrodeo started 25 years ago, and today it is the largest hard enduro event in the world. It takes place at a giantic iron mine located in the heart of Europe.

The Iron Mine

Every year on the first weekend in June, the sleepy village of Eisenerz (‘iron ore’) in the middle of the beautiful Austrian mountains awakens and welcomes thousands of visitors.

Hare Scramble

The race itself is limited to 1850 participants, and 500 will qualify for the main event on Sunday, the notoriuos Red Bull Hare Scramble.

Media Spectacle

400 (!) journalists show up to cover the largest hard enduro in the world. With this being said, the race is a huge media spectacle, and gets lots of coverage on TV, magazines and social media.

Iron Road Prologue

The qualifier consists of a 2-day prologue, called the Iron Road Prologue. On Friday and Saturday, the competitors try to qualify for the main event on Sunday. Each competitor gets one timed run per day on a roughly 15 mile course.

Iron Road Prologue

The track is a wide gravel road leading up to the top of the Iron Giant. To qualify for Sunday, you need to be one of the 500 fastest competitors of the Iron Road Prologue. Your fastest time out of the two days will count.

Hare Scramble – Early Checkpoints

Qualifying in a top spot is about more than bragging rights. It also garantees you a start in a front row for Sunday. 500 competitors will be lined up in 10 rows, with 50 riders per row. The less racers that start in front of you, the better. This is especially crucial in this hard enduro which is notorious for its bottlenecks on gigantic uphills early in the race.

Hare Scramble – Later Checkpoints

The Sunday Hard Scramble is a super hard core 4 hour race, and your goal is to reach as many checkpoints as possible. For 2021, they have 25 checkpoints lined up. After 4 hours, a loud horn will blast across the mountain and signal the end of the race for you, no matter where you are.

Race Package

SEER is going to pay for your entry fee. And additionally, we have a partner who is supplying a rental bike.

Ride Xpower is the world’s number one off-road tour operator and offers rental bikes as well. They agreed to provide a race bike for the SEER overall champ racing Erzberg in 2022.

To help you with your travel expenses, SEER is going to set up a gofundme account. We are going to kick it off with a $300 donation. With help from friends, fellow racers and corporate sponsors we hope to raise more money during the 2021 season. These funds can be used for air fare, car rental and accommodations during your stay in Austria.


For 2021, the race entry fee is 305.00 Euro ($ 362.00). A bike rental for 4 days usually starts at 1500.00 Euro ($ 1780.00). Including the money we are going to raise for your travel expenses, we are looking at a minimum monetary worth of $ 2,500!

Now you can ask yourself: How many hard enduro race series offer a prize package of $2,500 for the winner?

Don’t miss 2021!

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