Clean Up at TTC

Thank you to all of the volunteers for your help! Special thanks to TTC for allowing the SEER group to come in and assist cleaning up this beautiful property!

30 SEER riders showed up to help us get the property cleaned up from previous events. Many yards of tape and numerous arrows were taken down, including old bottles and other trash along the course.

Within a few hours, we covered a lot of ground and filled up multiple large trash bags.

At lunch, Larry & Emily from TTC provided pizza for all helpers! How kind of them!

After the work was done, it was time to play! All helpers got to enjoy the last warm Fall weekend.

Various small groups of riders took off in different directions to either have some fun on the Bronze loop, tackle challenging Gold sections, or explore new trails for 2021.

SEER really appreciated all the volunteers that showed up!

See you at SEER’s round #1 in 2021!

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