Media Coverage Cliffhanger

Besides tons of chatter on social media, SEER’s Cliffhanger Extreme did get pretty cool nation-wide and international media attention.

In case you missed some of it, here is a list of resources we warmly recommend:

1) American Hard Enduro – Podcast

Instant recap of SEER Cliffhanger Extreme

15 November 2020 – 38 min

Interviews with Cody Webb, Nick Fahringer and Adam Hartnagal following the SEER Cliffhanger at the Trials Training Center in Sequatchie, Tennessee!

2) enduro21 – The world’s #1 motorcycle enduro website

SEER Enduro: Cliffhanger Extreme win for Cody Webb 

16 November 2020 | Extreme Enduro

Cody Webb switched back to hard enduro mode to take victory at the Cliffhanger Extreme Enduro where SEER Racing gave the TKO venue in Tennessee a Hard Enduro makeover for their last race of 2020.

3) Dirt Bike Magazine – Article

Extreme Enduro: The SEER Cliffhanger

18 November 2020

SEER, South East Extreme Riders Association is a fast-growing Extreme Enduro series based in North Alabama. It started out with only a few riders and has advanced to pull some factory riders like Nick Fahringer, Quinn Wintzell, Jordan Ashburn and other Pro riders like Cody Webb. 

4) YouTube Videos

Here is one of the many Cliffhanger videos you can find on YouTube, SEER’s most talked about event to date.

5) SEER’s Video Chat – Episode 6

SEER’ social media boss Hunter Williams started a new Video Chat series in 2020. In episode 6 he chats with P.J Aguirre, Ryder LeBlond, Chuck DeLullo, and silent guest Nick on the final round of the SRT SEER series.

We are super excited about all the hype the series created!

We can’t wait to be back in 2021 with lots of improvements so you can have even more fun racing with us!

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