Video Chat Episode 6

Welcome to episode 6! Here we chat with P.J Aguirre, Ryder LeBlond, Chuck DeLullo, and silent guest Nick on the final round of the SRT SEER series, The Cliffhanger at TTC. 11/19/2020

All three of these racers had an amazing race at the beautiful Trials Training Center located in Sequatchie TN. Enjoy these competitors’ perspectives on SEER’s most talked about event to date.

Ryder on the TCC Course

They share which sections they liked about the race, and how the outlook on winning a start slot for Erzberg makes them motivated to train and come back next year.

Ryder Finished 5th Overall at the Cliffhanger!

SEER’s social media guru Hunter has a good Cody Webb story to tell. Cody not only won the race, but also offered kind sportsmanship and showed what hard enduro racing is about – having fun with like-minded hard-core enthusiasts!

Don’t miss it!

SEER Video Chat Episode 6

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