Nick Fahringer SRT/ SEER Hard Enduro Champion 2020

With 6 wins in a row, Nick Fahringer was already crowned the champion before heading into SRT/ SEER’s final round #7, the Cliffhanger Extreme.

Overall Championship

Nick dominated all of the first 6 hard enduro races, no matter which format, duration, day or night! At the last round, the season finisher at the famous TKO location, he found a new challenger. His Sherco team mate Cody Webb showed up and proved a worthy contender.

Ohio-narrative Nick started in the lead, but took a tumble in the first extreme section, the Wash. In typical Nick fashion, he put his head down and worked his way back up to second right behind Cody.

Place 2 in the overall championship goes to another Sherco team rider, Quinn Wentzel. In 5 races he finished right behind Nick, providing dramatic battles on the track for the spectators to watch.

Another Ohio-based rider, Chuck DeLullo completes the Overall podium with his 3rd place. Chuck started a new racing team, called DRT, DeLullo Racing Team. He wants to grow the sport by bringing young, upcoming dirt bike riders with a background in either enduro cross or trials into the hard enduro racing scene. We can’t wait to see who the DeLullo Racing team is going to bring to the 2021 series!

Rank 4 and 5 of the overall season ranking go to Drew Dobbs and Drew Kirby. Both were really close within their results and finished the championship with the exact same number of points (144 pts). Since Drew Kirby raced to more top 10 finishes, he ends up in place 4, and Drew Dobbs places 5.

Gold Class

The top 3 of the Gold Class podium match exactly the top 3 Overall winners: Nick Fahringer, Quinn Wentzel and Chuck DeLullo.

Only place 4 and 5 are reversed, since the individual classes use a differently scaled points system compared to the Overall ranking. With a 1 point lead, Drew Dobbs finishes in 4th, and Drew Kirby in 5th.

Silver Class

The Silver class was dominated by Gavin Smith, who won with a 16 point lead. He will face a tough decision – is he going to make the jump to the Gold class for 2021? Or defend his title in Silver?

The second place in the Silver class goes to Michael Manuel. He was the true hero who finished the Cliffhanger Extreme without his seat! We were all impressed with his determination on his less than comfortable bike :o)

Behind Michael placed Brad Caraway in third. He was the top Silver points rider at the Cliffhanger Extreme. Jackson Davis and William Byrd complete the top 5 racers, but both of them opted to collect points in the Gold class for the final race.

Here is a comment about Jackson: For three races, he signed up for the Silver class. He won all three of them and quickly realized his true competitors are going to be in the Gold class. Jackson finished 13th in SEER’s overall ranking, without having competed in the first races of the series. We are all looking forward to watching him battle the Gold guys in 2021!

Bronze Class

Two riders dominated the Bronze class – Chris Evans and James Disney. Chris won all of the four races he competed in. James placed consistently in the top 3 and secured his overall win with a 30 points lead!

Both of them also raced the Cliffhanger Extreme, so we have a podium shot from the awards ceremony! For the Cliffhanger ranking the spots were reversed – Chris finished first, with respectably 2 laps and 3 checks. James ended one check behind him.

Jim Robert completed the series in 3rd, Ian Paige in 4th, and Braiden Rose in 5th. Ian Paige said he enjoyed the demanding, but doable Bronze loop of the Cliffhanger Extreme course. Not only did he complete 2 laps, he also ranked in 3rd, his best single-race series ranking in 2020.

Come Back 2021!

We saw lots of smiling faces throughout the series. It looks like everyone had a good time ;o)

Congrats to our top finishers, and all of our competitors.

The SEER team is already working hard to get the 2021 season lined up. You will see lots of improvements, like class changes, scoring upgrades, new race venues and maybe even something for the future champs on two-wheels.

We had participants from over 20 states coming to our races. Who knows what 2021 brings – will we see our first international competitor?

With the help of our new partners at Redbull Erzberg Rodeo and RideXpower, we think the chances are high!

See you in 2021!

Photo courtesy of Larry Mayo and Patsy Davis

Written by Lisi Bratcher

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