Video Chat Episode 3

10/20/2020. Catch up with us when host and SEER social media boss Hunter Williams lays out the details for the upcoming Ladies Skills Clinic on Saturday 10/24/2020.

Our drop-in guest is SEER team member Lisi Bratcher who sees networking with other female riders a big chance to grow the sport.

Hunter and Lisi are going to talk you through the program of the training day. The day will be packed with plenty of opportunities to learn, watch, push yourself to your limits and enjoy the company of other like-minded riders.

It will also be mentioned that we have tons of sponsors who contributed to make this event a success! All participants will receive t-shirts, full goodie bags, a tire service and can join us at our raffle at the end of the day. A big shout out thank you to our partners!

Lisi points out that you will be able to meet the entire SEER team. Instead of a typical Saturday spent cutting trails, all of us hard enduro fans will be at Hollytree Offroad to instruct the 31 motivated participants!

Don’t miss it!

SEER Video Chat Episode 3

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