The Nightmare Recap

For most riders it is a challenge to ride a hard enduro at night in dry conditions. But a by-passing hurricane led to a very gloomy and wet weekend at Hale Mountain in Alabama.

Nightmare at Hale Mountain was one for the books! The hurricane rain was no joke!!‘ – Hannah Williams, SEER

A summary of the race course would be ‘steep, rocky, super slick and dark‘.

The grim weather forecast for Alabama kept many racers away. Who would blame them. But those brave 35 racers who showed up got an ultimately hard extreme enduro delivered! They collected memorable dirt bike moments in the dark :o)

During the rainy day leading up to the race, the SEER team put a lot of effort into re-routing and adjusting the course to the upcoming hard rain.

At 6 pm the race was kicked-off with a Le Mans start. The rain slowed down at the beginning of the race, but came back in full force in the second hour.

Video Recap

SRT SEER series overall leaders Nick Fahringer and Quinn Wentzel delivered a spectacular battle! 

Watch them on the video racing through the night – put together by SEER’ social media manager Hunter Williams.


After 2:45 hours the white flag came out – Nick Fahringer secured his overall series win of 2020 with a finish at the top of the podium! Congrats Nick!

The results of the Gold class duplicate the current SRT SEER series standing: Nick Fahringer 1st, Quinn Wentzel 2nd and Chuck DeLullo 3rd.

In the Silver class, Gavin Smith finished 1st, followed by Brad Caraway 2nd and Will Byrd 3rd.

The Bronze class winners were Chris Evans in 1st, James Disney in 2nd and Joe Anderson in 3rd.

Great job everybody, what a performance!

All racers did a fabulous job navigating through the rain in the dark – nobody got lost and no major injuries happened!

Final Race at TTC

The SRT SEER series will finish the season at the race location of the famous Tennessee Knock-Out race at the Trails Training Center.

Sign up for the Cliffhanger at TTC on November 14th is open:

Thank you!

We would like to thank those who helped us to make this race happen: Our precious volunteers, who worked the event bravely – despite being soaked for hours!

Not only did their hands-on work keep the riders going, they also made sure nobody stayed behind in the black woods!!

See you at the TTC!

Written by Lisi Bratcher

Photo courtesy of Hunter Williams and Photoman386.

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