SEER Launches Hard Enduro Video Chat Series

Join us for our little offroad-party on your couch!

We are super excited to release our new series of chats broadcasting extreme hard enduro racing-related topics.

The informal chat sessions are meant to motivate, inform and entertain hard enduro riders of various levels.

Drop-In Drop-Out Video Chats

SEER’s Social Media Manager Hunter Williams is the new host of our new series. He will be moderating informative episodes covering details of our SEER events.

In each session he will have guests joining him. No formal interviews, but casual conversations.

What the episodes are for:

  • Get tips and tricks
  • Know how to be prepared
  • Sneak a preview of races
  • Hear about challenging race sections
  • Familiarize with the race format
  • Intro to SEER riders
  • Meet the SEER team

Besides delivering tons of useful tips, he will also chat with SEER racers. How do they get ready for race day? Which is their favorite course? How did they get introduced to hard enduro racing?

Episode 1 – Race Preview ‘The Nightmare on Hale Mountain Extreme’ features SEER team member Timo Stark and his take on some of the hard-core sections. Don’t miss it!

Timo riding in Colorado

Stay tuned – the inaugural episode launched on Thursday, October 2nd, and we will continue with episode 2 soon!

Find all video chats listed HERE

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