Simple but Reliable Helmet Lights

In case you are still on the fence if you should tackle our upcoming night race – we promise you do not need to invest in expensive helmet lights!

We asked SEER’s race director Derek Bratcher what he has to say about his helmet light set-up:

Here’s my cheap helmet light setup. I’ve ran this for the last five years or so with out issues.

Would More Lights Be Better and Brighter?

I’ve tried different combos up to four leds in one housing and went back to the single style led. Light output wasn’t much better but battery life went down considerably.

How Long Will The Battery Last?

I get 2-3 hours with a new battery.

How Do You Mount The Lamp?

The mount is a combination of go pro stick on mount and the head lamp mount modded to fit the go pro mount. I used tin snips to cut the light mount out and a cut off wheel to put a couple groves on the side and one underneath for the cable and rubber band.

How Much Does It Cost?

The total cost is under 30 bucks and around $40.00 with an extra battery.

Where Do I Get It?

If you order online be sure it’s shipping from the US and not China AMAZON

Don’t miss SEER’s round number 6 – the Nightmare on Hale Mountain on October 10, 2020. Registration is still open. See you there!

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